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  1. Spliffcat

    Mkhize hints at easing of lockdown restrictions – but warns of a ‘second wave’

    Fekkin Communists. You, Doekop, Po3s in a hat and Squirrel can go fek yourselves.
  2. Spliffcat

    Ban on alcohol and cigarettes in South Africa remains

    Paying R35 for a court of Lion. Ugh. But it's beer at a braai. Fek you Doekop and all the thieves.
  3. Spliffcat

    Surtie Inheritance Scam

    MTI this is the money guys. Invest, invest, invest. Billions to be made. You can't lose. If you believe this BS then you are a dumb po3s.
  4. Spliffcat

    Ban on alcohol and cigarettes in South Africa remains

    Dude you have no clue.
  5. Spliffcat

    Ban on alcohol and cigarettes in South Africa remains

    Beer is beer in the land of the Fekkin stupid ANC. Bejasus I'm even drinking cheap whisky. Disgusting.
  6. Spliffcat

    US Cop shoots attacker

    Madness... Attack a cop, you gonna come to a sticky end. What's the problem?
  7. Spliffcat

    Meet the 38-year old South African involved in a R6 billion mask disaster in the UK

    Hopefully jail time for the twats if corruption was involved. We will see if the players become ministers in the government.
  8. Spliffcat

    What is your Credit score

    The best book I ever read. Warren Buffett. The Snowball.
  9. Spliffcat

    What is your Credit score

    Nope. Nothing.
  10. Spliffcat

    A Clumsy Museum Visitor Snapped the Toes Off a Historic Sculpture in Italy While Trying to Pose for a Selfie in Its Lap

    The world is becoming more stupid by the second. Kick that idiot inna panty.
  11. Spliffcat

    Jaguar sports car crashes into Cape Town cafe

    Mmmmmm drugs and 2 brain cells, we have a winner.
  12. Spliffcat

    Vodacom Content Services?

    Piss off Vodascum Shill.
  13. Spliffcat

    Huge blast rocks Port of Beirut

    Bloody hell that was a proper blast. Hope peeps are OK there.
  14. Spliffcat

    What is your Credit score

    Zippal, don't owe anyone a penny.
  15. Spliffcat

    Trump's comments about TikTok result in many influencers switching to Instagram

    Bejasus who got the time to listen to influencers cr ap? Or idiotic enough to believe it.
  16. Spliffcat

    Police bodycam footage shows arrest of George Floyd for the first time

    The twat was a criminal, f all feelies for the idiot.
  17. Spliffcat

    Norma Gigaba arrested

    All tax payers cash stolen by the Hogs.