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    Why do newer cars tend to have smaller/less powerful engines?

    Is it because of fuel economy? Surely that can't be the only reason? Is there something I'm missing? Example; 2012 i20 1.6l engine 91kw 2016 i20 1.4l engine 74kw Why would I want a less powerful engine? Unless they are trying to make you buy an i30 or an Elantra? or are the newer engines...
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    Is this lady legit. Mweb customer service

    Just got my fixed lte mtn sim Plugged everything in and connected it. No internet access. It won't connect to Called mweb, they said it takes 48 hours to configure itself and I must just wait Is this legit? Seems like she just wanted to get rid of me
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    Decofurn Desks/chairs. Easy to assemble?

    Anyone ever bought a desk and chair from decofurn? Im gonna buy a 180cm table and chair, but i wanna know if these things are easy to assemble? I've never assembled a table/chair before. I mean it cant be hard? Can it?
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    Is buying an older Hyundai Veloster worth it?

    Hi guys, a while ago I made a thread saying I wanna car in the 100-150k price range. I have seen a few Velosters going for around 150, usually 2013/2014 models. Are these any good? Expensive to maintain? I do see they are only 1.6l with 103 kw, so im assuming it shouldn't be overly expensive...
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    Is now a good time to buy a car?

    Are cars cheaper now with covid and all? Hi guys, been pondering getting a new car for some time now. I had a 09 Civic vtec few years back, which I really loved, but life went south for a bit and I sold it. Currently have a Getz. Now I don't mind buying another one, but I doubt I will get one...
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    MTN Fixed LTE vs MTN LTE - whats the difference?

    Hi guys, I was gonna sign up with Axxess Fixed MTN LTE. But when I tried to cancel my fiber with mweb(moving to another house), they tried to retain me by offering me an MTN LTE package, but it's not fixed. What do you think I should pick?
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    Where to buy a proper PC Desk?

    Hi guys, my budget is around R2000-R2500 for a decent PC desk. All I really need is something that can slide out (where the keyboard goes) and a desk space big enough for my PC and monitors. Kinda like this I guess, but it doesn't need to be like this. Just big enough to have the keyboard...
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    How do you even communicate with Takealot?

    Ordered a bunch of stuff on Takealot. The one little R70 fan I ordered, they say it has been cancelled and they credited my account. Okay cool, I see it's in stock for R70 still, but from another re-seller. So I order it again, but... I have to pay shipping? So nothing has actually shipped yet...
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    Is this a good 4G router?

    What should I be looking for when buying a 4G router anyways? I'm getting MTN Fixed LTE through Axxess. They want to give me a ZTE MF286C Router, I already own this one though; Which one is better?
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    Moving to another house. Best way to get internet?

    Hi guys, I currently have a 40mb line with mweb fibre. I'm moving to Rugby in the next few months, but trying to wrap my head around getting internet. There is no fibre according to coverage maps, but speaking to my colleague who stays in Rugby, fibre lines were installed almost a year ago...
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    Are you happy with your medical aid?

    Hi guys. I had medical aid till age 21 (part of parents scheme). Then had Discovery Keycare Plus and GAP Cover for 3 years. But the last 2 years I didn't have any med aid. I want to look into getting a decent medical aid. Keycare was alright, but very restrictive. I had unlimited GP visits...
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    What to look for when buying a microwave? Is this a good one? I need to buy a microwave and honestly I've no ****ing idea what makes a microwave good or not
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    When you marry someone, can you be held accountable for their debt?

    Should they die or get blacklisted or something like that and can't make payments? I don't know what the law is regarding this
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    How hot should a phones battery get?

    Nvm. Answered my own question. How hot is too hot? Remember, all phones get hot. But how can you tell if your phone is experiencing a problem? All phones have a normal temperature range of 37-43 degrees Celsius, or 98.6-109.4 degrees Fahrenheit. Since we don’t (yet) have thermometers in our...
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    If a couple isn't married and have a kid, does the kid take the moms name?

    And this doesn't change if they get married later, yeah?
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    Contract Upgrade came with a sim card? Can I just ignore it?

    Hi, this is my first time upgrading. I went from the p20 lite to the p30 lite 2020 edition But ram delivered my package with a sim card and the phone - does this mean the contract is on this new simcard? I mean, why would my number change? That's odd? Is that the norm?
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    P30 lite 2020 - R279/month

    Hi guys Vodacom is offering the P30 Lite 2020 with now 6gb ram and 128gb storage And it has Google apps too, because the ban excludes the p30 lite so they are technically re releasing it. I currently pay R309 for my p20 lite so was wondering it I should get this My contract expires this...
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    Is a 36 month contract worth it? With regards to 5G?

    I'm assuming all phones coming out in the next 24 months will most likely be 5G, now that Samsung has released phones with 5G. This is definitely going to be the next norm. As a result, I'm hesitant to get say, a Samsung Note 10 Lite or A71 over a 36 month contract, because 3 years from now, 5G...
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    Getting a Switch Lite for loadshedding

    Hi guys, I see the Switch Lite is like R3000 less than the Switch atm. This makes it a bit more attractive to me. Do you think it's worth it, or should I go full monty and get the normal Switch? 3k is nothing to scoff at tho. What's the battery life like on a switch? I mean 3k difference...
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    What's a decent upgrade from a p20 lite?

    Hi guys, in April I'll have had this p20 lite for 2 years. So I can upgrade. I'm paying R299/month and it's cheap af. I was checking around and seems Huawei isn't really recommended right now. So my options are kinda limited. I was eyeing the Samsung A71 as a decent upgrade, but it's a 36...