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    Whites still earning three times more than blacks: Stats SA

    The only valid comparison would be on average earnings based on race group of people doing the same type of job, in businesses of similar size, with comparable experience and levels of performance. All other comparisons, including the one in this thread, are completely meaningless and...
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    Are things really that bad in SA?

    A certain proportion of South African society is ambitious, hard working, driven, responsible, self-disciplined, entrepreneurial, adaptable and resilient. This is probably a combination of upbringing, education, life experience, societal pressure and influences and an understanding of the basic...
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    Best websites to look for 2hnd vehicles?

    Autotrader: Carfind:
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    Treadmill.. what’s a good one to buy? What to look for?

    I have owned and used a Trojan Ironman Platinum treadmill at home for about 15 years. Very happy with it. The only issue has been the rubber belt wearing out twice due to normal wear and tear and having to be replaced. My last belt replacement cost about R1 500. Unfortunately I don't think this...
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    Hardware Bargains - Open Thine Wallet

    I have a 65'" LG Smart TV. My only complaint with it is that it just does not get bright enough. Movies especially always seem too dark even with brightness and backlight settings on maximum. This is irrespective of whether viewing it in the day or night. Online research suggests that this is a...
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    South African Covid-19 News and Discussions

    More reasons to regard COVID-19 as a lot more dangerous than the common flu: Coronavirus destroys lungs, but doctors are finding its damage elsewhere By Lenny Bernstein, Carolyn Y. Johnson, Sarah Kaplan, Laurie McGinley 10h ago...
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    Your best investment advice for someone just starting out

    Excellent advice already given above. A very good South African investment and financial education website is Simon Brown's Just One Lap at From my personal experience, make sure you have adequate income replacement insurance cover in the event that you can longer work...
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    Which TV series have you watched since the lockdown started?

    The Test on Amazon Prime. Excellent series on the rebuilding of the Australian cricket team under coach Justin Langer.
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    South Africa plans to build 10,000 new coronavirus ventilators by the end of June

    This is a very sobering article on ventilators from an opinion piece published in the New York Times : What You Should Know Before You Need a Ventilator It breaks my heart that patients who will get...
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    Netflix and Showmax series launching during the lockdown This site shows all titles arriving and departing on the US, UK, Australian and Canadian catalogues. No information specifically for South Africa unfortunately.
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    South Africa downgraded to full junk status

    Foreign investors and bondholders probably won’t even notice the downgrade with all that is going on (hopefully).
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    Time in the markets...

    Famous quote from Warren Buffett; “Unless you can watch your stock holding decline by 50% without becoming panic-stricken, you should not be in the stock market.”
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    Renting out property - Claim from tax

    [QUOTE="3WA, post: 25045989, member: 212553" If you're in the top tax bracket, you can only claim back losses for two years before SARS shuts you down. This means that your losses will be "ring-fenced". In other words the losses can be carried forward but set-off only against future profits...
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    How Old Is Your Car? And What Is The Mileage?

    Car Make and Model : Volvo S40 T5 manual Age : 13 Years Milage : 232 000km Plan : Still goes well with no issues. May change for a AWD SUV in 18 months time.
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    Anybody with ADD/ADHD? Need your advice pls

    An interesting feature of Concerta and Ritalin is that they have the opposite effect on people who do not suffer from ADD/ADHD. Because of this, they can be prescribed for depression, chronic fatigue and narcolepsy (inability to stay awake.