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  1. Dreamer

    Afrihost / Vumatel fibre router?

    Does anyone know what the current fibre router is that you get when signing up? D-Link DIR-825 or Huawei WS5200?
  2. Dreamer

    Google navigation is acting weird since this morning ....

    Google has been stuffed since this morning, i have a google maps shortcut on my android homescreen for "Work". Since this morning if i click on this it doesn't give directions etc too my work but to some other random person's "Work". If i exit out of the navigation it gives the screen where you...
  3. Dreamer

    Standard Bank MyUpdates (sms notifications) not working properly

    Since the 31st Jan i have been getting intermittent sms notifications. Of the 12 or so transactions i have only received 6 sms notifications. I logged into my account this morning and no notification. This is not very comforting considering i have just been through my second fraud case with...
  4. Dreamer

    LTE SmartBroadband Uncapped wireless and FreeSim - Telkom confusion

    LTE SmartBroadband Uncapped wireless and MultiSim - Telkom confusion I wanted to get the MultiSim for my LTE contract so i contacted Telkom on Friday using the Online chat functionality from their website to confirm if this is possible before i go into the store. I chatted to Mpho Kgotlelelo...
  5. Dreamer

    Huawei E5776 external antenna connector?

    Does anyone know what external connector the E5776 has? Is it a CRC9 or TS-9 connector? Some sites are reporting CRC9 and others TS-9. Apparently these connectors look the same but are different (one skinnier than the other). I don't want to get the wrong connector when buying my Yagi...