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    Chrome for iOS launched

    So Chrome is now available for download in the App Store. Thoughts? Since I use Chrome sync, this fits quite nicely into my workflow. Anything I bookmark on my computer is automatically added to my bookmarks on my iPad. Same with saved passwords. Overall I'm quite stoked with it...
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    On board HDMI audio output?

    So my current mobo and PSU decided to take a trip to the next life which leaves me in the bitter-sweet position of a forced upgrade. I'm currently looking at this mobo: DH55MC With this CPU: Clarkedale i3 540 Since the PC is used exclusively for media, I'm planning on running the...
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    SATA Harddrive Power Question

    I need to up my storage space, and am planning on buying a 2TB SATA II drive. I opened up my case and noticed that I have no more SATA power cables left, only a bunch of molex. I see there are lots of cheaply available molex to SATA convertors (eg), but I've been told that these can lead to...
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    Imported iphone: warranty question

    Greetings I present to you a hypothetical situation: My friends goes on holiday to Taiwan and buys an iPhone 3GS. He brings it back to SA and gives it me. Will the warranty still be valid in South Africa? (assuming I still have the receipt and the serial number checks out on Apple's...