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    Cant search apps in appstore

    Im able to download app updates but the search function doesnt bring up any results regardless of what I search for? What could be the problem?
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    iPhone picture sorting

    So im trying to sort out my holiday pics from the downloaded pics on my iPhone. I have roughly 1000 downloaded pics and 1000 pics ive taken with the camera. After backing up all my pics, I noticed all the pics are labelled with the same tags, "IMG001, IMG0002 etc" Is there a better way of...
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    Iphone 4S Early morning data usage

    I got my service provider to send me a comprehensive data report on my usage. It seems that every morning at 5am there is a 200MB download, every morning same time. Whats could be using data at that time? I havent been charged as my night owl takes care of it, but im going overseas and im a...
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    Not recieving Exchange email

    Hi I havent received any email since yesterday afternoon, I can see sent items and receive email sent from the device on Outlook but not on the handset. Ive rebooted the device, reset exchange settings, what else could it be?
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    Whatsapp - iPhone

    Ive been using Whatsapp for quite a while on my iPhone, for some reason, just recently the contact list is not in alphabetical order. I have 494 Whatsapp contacts, its almost impossible to find contacts, any quick fix for this? Paid app, not willing to delete and pay again.
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    iOS 5

    Will it also launch on the 12th for us iPhone 4 users?
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    20 best iPhone games

    Got a few of them, yet to play them...
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    iPhone Apps Folder

    Any idea where to find the folder that contains all my apps to back up? I tried the itunes folder, its not there...
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    Sharing Paid apps

    I purchased Whatsapp, my lil bro also wants Whatsapp, he doesnt have bank details and im not giving him mine to use. Is there a way to copy Whatsapp from my iPhone to paste on his? Non jailbroken phones.
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    iPhone 4 issues

    I have a few issues hopefully someone can help sort them out. My Pics have all become blurry, they were high res pics, now they all cr@p and pixelated? Not sure what happened, didnt change any settings The iPhone 4S screensaver is constantly on, how do I switch it off? I cannot delete or move...