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  1. Spliffcat

    The Scum still selling Data that expires. Nothing changed.

    And no warning when your data runs out. Just grab whatever they can of your balance in cash. Low life thieves.
  2. Spliffcat

    19 R4's Stolen from the Government

    The New SA. Crime, theft, useless aholes.
  3. Spliffcat

    Afrihost / Rain STEALING DATA

    Caught them red handed. In a nutshell. Computer switched off. Turn computer on 10 days later. Check logs. 1 Gig gone again. Thieving Bastards.
  4. Spliffcat

    Scammers really need to go to school.

    Greetings, I am Miss,Eva ROSE, a banker i need your assistance Greetings, I am Miss.Eva ROSE. a banker, i know that this mail will come to you as a surprise as we have never met before, but need not to worry as I am contacting you independently of my investigation and no one is informed of this...
  5. Spliffcat

    Router to talk to PC 150 meters away.

    Hi Mites To get a wifi signal to travel 150 meters. How do I do this and cheaply. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  6. Spliffcat

    Laser Hair Removal.

    Hello to the Mites Anyone tried this at home? Or gone to the pros? What works best? Any info will be greatly appreciated. Thanks SC
  7. Spliffcat

    Boot loader still locked?

    Still a load of bloatware on these phones?
  8. Spliffcat

    Best Dual Sim Smart Phone for R5000.00

    Hi All As above and must have a dedicated SD card slot. Thanks Da Spliffcat.
  9. Spliffcat

    Website for Lodge

    Hi Guys What would I pay for a Lodge Website design and hosting? Must be able to take bookings. Not complicated. Some 20 photos and general info. I don't have a clue. Any info will be most welcome. Thank you. Da Spliffcat.
  10. Spliffcat

    HUAWEI Phones are Locked

    Beware. You will be stuck at the mercy of this company. If they want to do updates or not. Who knows what spyware, bloat and google crap is accessing your data. Do not buy these phones if you want to remove any of the useless bundled software. Mods. Please sticky to warn people of not...
  11. Spliffcat

    Huawei Stopped Issuing Boot Loader Codes

    So now you can't root any Huawei Phones. Idiots.
  12. Spliffcat

    Stahwille Socket Set swop for Samsung Galaxy S Cell Phone

    Item name : Stahwille 14/13/6 Socket Set Age and condition: Immaculate Do you include packaging: Yes Warranty: No Reason for selling: Cupboard lurker Price: R4000 or swop for cell phone Negotiable: Yes Location: Ficksburg Shipping or collection: Shipping
  13. Spliffcat

    Satellite Internet Remote Areas

    Hello Mighty Mites How much would it cost and which company to use to set up a sat dish with an Internet connection? Or a repeater? I've looked at Vox, anyone have any recommendations? There is absolutely no cell phone signal in the area. I have no clue.... Thank you all. Da Spliff