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    Why do newer cars tend to have smaller/less powerful engines?

    Power is just marketing. Torque is what makes a car driveable, and the small turbo engines usually have more torque, especially at lower revs, than bigger engines. There has also been an increase in the emissions laws, forcing car makers to go to smaller engines that have less emissions...
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    How Sponsored Articles make customers trust your company

    I'm going to call 100% bullsh1t on that survey as well. They have 'articles' as the most trusted...not 'sponsored articles' I'm going to assume the choice in the survey was also 'articles' I now trust MyBB less.
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    How Sponsored Articles make customers trust your company

    My automatic reaction to a sponsored articl e is to trust that company or product less I assume anything within the article will be marketing bullsh1t. It's advertising trying to be sneaky and tip-toeing in via the back door.
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    Do you think taxis should be allowed to operate at 100% capacity?

    It's the most-efficient way of spreading a virus. The most daily people, in the closest space, for the longest time. From the government's actions, they seem eager to spread it as fast as possible
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    State capture inquiry begins

    The aim is what it always has been: to waste time an appear to be doing something instead of prosecuting people.
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    Do you support the new ban on alcohol sales?

    You mean, turned away from the covid-19 specific rooms, that the hospitals have had over 3 months to get ready.
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    Whites still earning three times more than blacks: Stats SA

    Isn't that their usual tactic? Post a race-baiting article and dissapear.
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    South Africa’s GDP likely shrunk by 32.6% during lockdown: Reserve Bank

    What's the lie? That it could be more than that?
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    "A Game of Thrones" discussion thread

    He has confirmed it will come. No idea when tho. Probably just after Half-Life 3 is released.
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    Flying to visit my Daughter

    No. Flights are designated as for business purposes only.
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    Warrant of arrest issued for Jacob Zuma

    I predict a combination of 1 and 3. His lawyers will sudden test positive and he will need a delay for a new set of lawyers.
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    Crowd1 Scam

    Pyramid schemes all work like that. If you get in early enough and don't care about taking other suckers money then you can make money off it. Crowd1 is showing signs of crumbling. When new recruits slow down, the money dries up.
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    Crowd1 Scam

    Going to need something a bit more substantive than a sent email to show that something is happening. I think they will get closed down very fast as they are not registered as a FSP and are selling their "product" as an "investment".
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    The truth behind Takealot's major delivery delays

    Stopped reading at "The truth behind..."
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    The Huawei P40 Lite has a great camera - Here are the photos we took

    Isn't it a breach of the Advertising Standards to not declare this as a paid-for article?
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    They Have Renamed CHAZ To CHOP, As In French Revolution Chop

    No Wokanda? I am disappoint.
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    Crowd1 Scam

    My colleague tried to sign me up to this. Saw it for what it was. He's making a large amount of money if it but then he has been very good at getting people to sign up. If people are too stupid to see where all the money is coming from, but still hand money over, does it still count as a scam?