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    Require Intel DQ670W motherboard drivers

    Hi Guys I had to re-install my Windows 7 and unfortunately I don't have the driver CD for the MB and Intel stopped the support for this motherboard DQ670W , is there perhaps any chance that one of you can make the drivers available for me maybe via dropbox ect? I actually only require the...
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    Intel DQ670W Motherboard Drivers, where?

    Hi Guys I noted on Intel's website that they stopped the support for this motherboard (DQ670W) Where can I download the drivers from? Yes lots of links on Google but can you trust them? Thanks in advance.
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    Huawei B315 and MyBB

    Hi Guys Not sure why its happening but every now and again when I want to do a speed test my Huawei B315 login page appear on the screen? What can I do to prevent it? Thanks in advance.
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    JHB International Mail Hub(incoming)

    Hi Guys Anyone can help me with an email address to contact these guys in JHB, received a parcel from China (two way radio) this morning I noted that they shipped it out of South Africa again and I want to know the reason(s). Thanks in advance. ahf
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    Crapy Speed on LTE

    To CellC Rep I signed up for your 60+60 on month to month two days ago and this is what I get and if this speed continue tomorrow then I'm gone again. You are even worse than Hellkom. Ping: 510ms Download: 1.8Mbps Upload: 1.29Mbps
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    Wellington 7's 2016

    Live stream
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    Live Sports Internet links?

    Hi All Would be appreciated if you could posts some links here to watch live sports via the Internet. Thanks in advance.
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    CellC Weekend Special!

    Just received this SMS when recharging with R50!:) CellC rock! You have successfully recharged your prepaid account with R 50.00 and have also received R 50.00 Weekend Special Airtime.