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    Durban Fibre ISP

    Hi all, I am trying to decide on a decent ISP but its been like pulling teeth. Currently with Rain but good gawsh, they have become bad with connectivity speed and service (currently trying to upload work and getting 20-45 KB/s) Am in the Pinetown Westville area of Durban. Axxess, Webafrica...
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    Afrihost/Webafrica in Cape Town

    Hi All, Sorry but I am green to this so if this is not posted in the correct area, i apologise. How is Afrihost and Webafrica adsl service in Cape Town. Looking at a capped 4mbps line rental. Stay in the Ottery area. Any advice on this (even from a different provider) would be greatly...
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    9tb data bill

    Hello, I am just doing some research to an issue in our company. A user has a bill of 9terabyte for 1 month. Has there ever been a case like this. It equates to about 300gb per day. He has a normal usb modem and does not share his connection with anyone. He is with Nashua mobile and they...