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  1. zerocool2009

    City of Tswhane (Utility bills)

    Dear home owner in Tswhane ... So I got my newest bill today, and see they have now a new TAX Under water : "Network Service" -> Value of R116 Under Sanitation : "Sewerage Network Service" -> Value of R67.67 So, saying this, every home owner in Tswhane will now pay R200 a rand more for...
  2. zerocool2009

    Sectional Title Estate's that use smart technology for utilities

    If there are managing agents or trustees out there using smart technology for utilities (for water or elec reading), please share. So far I could think prepaid elec could work as a once off solution, but long terms its pricey. Thinking about water meters, I read up and could find a firm that...
  3. zerocool2009

    Sanlam : Stable Bonus Fund

    Is anyone investing or having this fund part of their savings ? I am tracking this for years. In March it took a bad dip (I suspect covid reason related), but it remains down, but the JSE recovered well. I assume this is like the Sanlam Echo Bonus RA ... (all BS talk). Sanlam would give any...
  4. zerocool2009

    Duratec car battery ?

    Good morning everyone, Anyone used a Duratec battery before in a SUV ? Any testimonies maybe ?
  5. zerocool2009

    eZar Stablecoin

    Anyone in SA looked into this? Their “off the grid” solution looks like a winner
  6. zerocool2009

    Sygnia (help wanted)

    So I decided to start shopping around for a new provider for my LISP. (Which is with stanlib) So reading up about Sygnia: 1. No annual fee charges if I only select Sygnia Unit Trusts 2. On ETF’s, a 0.20% admin charge 3. On non Sygnia funds, 0.40% admin charge I read that some ETF combinations...
  7. zerocool2009

    Tips to Boost your eBucks - 1 July 2020 to 30 June 2021

    Something new coming for the year ahead for eb clients ....
  8. zerocool2009

    Covid and banks

    If anyone in K@K apply for Covid / payment holiday, read the terms and conditions towards the product that banks offer If you are at a braai, and bank offers your friend something, and you call your bank, and ask for the same product (they will preach for you until your sex change (and nothing...
  9. zerocool2009

    Investing in the "current" conditions

    When is the best time to "topup" investments... ? When the JSE hits 35000 ? Looking at what is happening now, RA topup's before March is "wiped out in value", because of the current situation. All the gains of 2019 (also gone). But looking at the downwards spiral, when is a "good" time to...
  10. zerocool2009

    Big question when you decide on a TFSA

    Everyone by now heard about the tax free savings account (where you can invest and benefits over the years are for free and snowballs) To my shock I found now out that one can move shares / unit trusts / etf's from one firm from one to another (without selling) I took a knock of roughly R4000...
  11. zerocool2009

    Body Corp Question ...

    Lets say the BC have a nice big reserve fund, and pay R250 000 to sars per year (for interest earned) Cant the BC do better things with that money (rather to pay SARS) ? 1) Cant the BC buy apartments and rent it out (but then it is again rental income) 2) Maybe buy shares ?
  12. zerocool2009

    Preservation fund topup ?

    Is there any investment firm out there that allow you to topup a preservation fund? Meaning, lets say you move from firm A to B, and want to add a debit order of R5000 It sounds like that aint doable at all :(
  13. zerocool2009

    The Blyde (PTA east)

    Any Blyde owners on here who stays / invested in the Blyde (pta east) Any feedback on that ? (levies / crystal lagoon)
  14. zerocool2009

    OutVest investing ...

    Anyone with them ? I see they have a fixed fee for investments (determined to the size ofcourse)
  15. zerocool2009

    Sectional title rules : Building alternations

    I need some inputs from sectional title experts / legal views In short, someone bought a property years ago (in a complex). It is now sold again, but the owner said the previous owner did major changes on the structure Saying that ... who is liable to fix the plans ? (the current owner) ? As...
  16. zerocool2009

    Be warned : Pick and Pay (online shopping)

    I was looking for something specific and saw it was "on promotion" at Pick and Pay (online store). I added the goods to my basket and checked out. Then I saw the price was back to normal, asking myself why or what (on the processed invoice) I choose the option to fetch it at a certain pickup...
  17. zerocool2009

    Is PSG going backwards now ?

    I see that PSG has a soon updated website (new design / layout) If I compare the new and old, I observe little things (that is really helpful), which is now gone :( 1) No more % growth visible 2) The transaction section also gone (as in that shows month for month movement / fees / interest /...
  18. zerocool2009

    WebAfrica - Throttling ?

    Hi guys ... The short and long story, upgrade from adsl to fiber 3 months back (web africa) The last week, my torrents are hitting max 10kb/s (nothing has change (24/7) What can I check ?
  19. zerocool2009

    TFSA payout .... ?

    Good morning everyone, So I did a test with a TFSA account, and see the interest paid out into my own (cheque account). Thinking about it, that is the DUMBEST account EVER. Selecting a month or bi-annually or annually, you will lose the power of the TFSA forsure. I assume the money paid out...
  20. zerocool2009

    Smart investing and TAX

    I have a question related to "basic" investing. Lately I have been eyeing money markets accounts and interest bearing (investments). Lets say I start 3 investments (lets call them A, B and C), all funds that are interest bearing investments And they grow in year 1 lets say R50 000. The first...