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    Dashboard Cameras

    Best & cheapest dash cam set up I ever owned was my old iPhone 4s, windshield suction mount, phone's car charger & the Witness app. That app is the bomb. It showed the usual date, time & speed, but also the GPS coordinates and g-forces, haha. Here's a UK guy's compilation of some things he's...
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    Which couriers can transport trees from the bundus?

    I'm a bit of a plant collector with an interest in unusual fruit, vegetables and herbs. Right now I'm gathering plants like blueberries, crabapples, marula and hazelnuts. I'd like to find a reputable courier company willing to transport small trees (most are less than 1.5m) and shrubs, safely &...
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    Whatsapp iOS 7

    Their updates will be meaningless to me until they introduce the option of selecting who can SEE & contact you. I hate the fact that anyone who has my number can see my status & profile pic. I only want to contact max 10 people via WhatsApp. My number is out there due to work & it is not enough...
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    The iPhone Tips/Tricks/Apps thread

    Since Tuesday I've had the same issue as Grimspoon & Dazzla. I've tried to get the settings off the vodacom website; by calling customer care 082111; and through the *111# self help service. Nada! There's no human being to speak to & all of the automated replies say my iphone doesn't have...
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    Who is going to the cricket opening match today?

    ICC Champions trophy SA vs Sri Lanka this afternoon. I'm watching the hours crawl by since I bought the tickets. Anyone else going to the match in Centurion? What signs have you prepared so I can spot you? :D This is my first time going to cricket match since varsity :cool:
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    GHD discount on old/other flat-iron trade-ins

    :eek: MyBB Beauties, there's a countrywide promotion at salons in SA which stock GHD flat-irons. If you trade in any old flat-iron, whatever the make, you get a R320 discount on the Classic GHD, which is usually about R1900. :eek::eek...
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    Your spending on non-essential health services

    Obama's US Health Reform is in the news getting slammed & a lot of South Africans don't know that a similar process is underway at home, namely the proposed National Health Insurance. Both are loosely based on the UK NHS, which despite its huge problems, guarantees quality health care to...
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    Ladies - Whats the best self-tan?

    Haha, yes another ladies' thread.:p Its almost summer MyBB beauties, what self tan products or spray tan salons, can you recommend? I don't want to tan in the sun or in a sunbed, because of the UV damage/cancer/wrinkling. So I've been investigating different brands of self tans & bronzers...
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    Your man with Girls of the Vuzu Mansion?

    Will your relationship survive this?? Oh my stars! This is sleaze gone too far. Would any involved ladies (not married though) be cool with their boyfriend going on to this new show, Girls of the Vuzu Mansion. Its supposed to be SA's mix of Temptation Island, The Ex Effect, Big Brother & Girls...
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    Bulls rock Thread

    Woo, just got back from the game! Bulle!!!! /goes back to wearing the flashing lights alice-band & chasing kitten around the house/