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    LTE Antenna - Does it boost or catch if signal not available

    Greetings . Thanks to telkom ADSL on our exchange is barely usable anymore so i'm looking for alternatives. 1) Neotel LTE uncapped looks good , but I do not want to commit to a 24 month contract . 2) Data cost wise , the telkom 50gb at R599 on a month to month is looking good to me . my...
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    Shout Out to

    Have hosted with these guys for about 3 years and host about 10 different sites. One of personal sites has grown nicely and peaks at around 5 000 visitors a day on their shared hosting platform without hitting the limits . Their shared hosting starts at R35 , which is great value for money ...
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    Telkom FLLA ( WCDMA) query

    Hi, so two telkom techies , over two weeks have come out to do adsl installation. First guy said there is a card in dslam that needs repairs. saw telkom busy the box for next 2 days. Logged another installation request since i never heard from them again. Today another techie phones...
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    Master php or explore

    Hi guys , looking for some advice. Self taught php programmer , and have been doing some projects for the past two years. I would say i'm on an intermediate skill level . Some projects i have done . Order entry , process flow control , shopping carts , backend management. I am 29 and...