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  1. splattie

    WhatsApp launches new "Search the Web" feature to help users identify fake viral messages

    When it comes to tech, I know enough to get by, but how does this work if there is supposed to be end to end encryption? I guess I answered my own question there.
  2. splattie

    Default Will Thinner Oils Damage Your Engine?

    BS, All engines are machined to a extremely fine tolerance, This guy even went to go look at past and present trends to see if modern engines had tighter tolerances -
  3. splattie

    Vumatel Installation Query

    They will install the CPE only. The router install is your problem.
  4. splattie

    How concerned are you about getting COVID-19?

    Death is certain for all, no sense being concerned over a virus.
  5. splattie

    How South Africans create and remember their passwords

    Keepass for me on a flash drive thanks, done with password rage :ROFL::laugh::ROFL:
  6. splattie

    Use of violence can be rational & targeted at injustice - Mandela Foundation

    You need some history in your life. -
  7. splattie

    Are you returning to the office at level 3?

    Seems the big cheese has realised that we can work from home so looks to be a permanent change on our side.
  8. splattie

    Smokers - how you coping with the lockdown?

    The local can get me Stuyvvies @200 per pack, no thanks. Since I'm now down to my last smokes, I bit the bullet and started on a course of Champix. Probably a bit late but hey, I refuse to support the Zuma's and their ciggie trade.
  9. splattie

    Dark mode comes to Google on Android

    "It is unclear whether this dark mode for the Google Search page will be available for desktop users." Let me make that easier for you, my desktop screen snip of your article - PS,If you're going to write about a feature maybe explore it first.
  10. splattie

    Level 3 Work Permit

    Sole proprietors do not have to register on the Bizportal - Not sure how valid this is - I cannot see an update after this -...
  11. splattie

    Metros could remain at level 4 while rest of South Africa moves to level 3 lockdown

    And this is why I reckon they won't allow the sale of tobacco and alcohol in level 3...
  12. splattie

    WHO warns coronavirus may never go away

    Sooo, China gave us an STD?
  13. splattie

    Reviving an old Dell laptop

  14. splattie

    Prominent South African delivery service set to close its doors

    Well, that's one of our sister companies down the tubes, and family to support. @Corelli , very easy to type out on your keyboard, very difficult to put in practice. Having been on the international side of transport and logistics for 20 years now, I can certainly vouch for the fact that you...
  15. splattie

    Smokers - how you coping with the lockdown?

    Still have 6 cartons before we run out :laugh: :ROFL: :laugh:, then over to my vape stash.
  16. splattie

    Hulu in SA

    First post and you're starting a fight :laugh::ROFL::laugh:
  17. splattie

    Assitance registering with WeChat

    Lol, would help you but I cannot sign in either anymore, just gave up.
  18. splattie

    The Covid-19 Homemade Baked Bread Thread

    I will see how it does by tomorrow morning, the whole consistency changed from doughy to buttermilky liquid. According to Kent Rollins it should be ok, I don't know, I am in unchartered territories here and keeping myself amused with little projects, lol. Busy sprouting lentils again for snacks...