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    Dave Slade | "The Christ Virus"

    Just leaving this here. Dave Slade, author of "The Christ Virus," points out some intriguing and even eerie similarities in his book published in 2012 that coincide with the Covid-19 pandemic and hysteria. Add it to the list of fiction books that speculated somthing like C-19 happening.
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    New Conspiracy Theory that..... kinda explains more than is comfortable

    Could be complete hogwash but.... is actually a good explanation of why these sudden worldwide riots came out of nowhere with the rioters completely ignoring C-19. Either way it's interesting. NOTE...
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    Vodacom Robot voice Faux Pas

    I just got another call from my overly friendly vodascum robot about yet another stupid competition (where you jump through hoops and are expected to get exited and so on) and got doubly irritated..... the guy clearly has no concept of how you say Ahwhe. He did the heresy of shouting aaaawheeeh...
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    Is There a (good) General Software Store like Steam?

    We have steam for games but nothing I for the plethora of random trialware or "AAA" software that I am aware of, does such a site exist that is not a scam or does it as a secondary concern? And if not a store at least a indexer with sale notifications?
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    Offline PST syncing irritation

    Now that I have to mostly work from home I have a problem...... the work email account is a legacy 50MB mweb one which means IMAP is impossible unless I wanna regularly loose access to old emails. This means pop3.... which outlook devs in their infinite wisdom never provided a proper syncing...
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    These anti-quarantine websites are fakes. Here's what they're really after Researchers find that hundreds of "reopen" domain names are being registered at the same time. Many are part of schemes to collect data. Over the last month, more than 540 domain names have been...
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    SA History Book Recommendation Thread

    Having completely exhausted my little library on SA history books that are not mere dry regurgetation I am wondering what books would others reccomend I also read. I figured a general recommendation thread might be a good idea. Its very easy to live in an intellectual bubble which I would prefer...
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    The Witnesses (2020)
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    MPs call for consequences following Sona delay
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    India: Hindu extremists beat Christian children during Sunday morning worship
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    Funimation Says Anime "Interspecies Reviewers" Goes Too Far, Stops Streaming It :ROFL:
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    GOG Black Friday Sale

    Some nice bargains For example their entire Unreal lineup is available for $0.99 apiece and the quake 2 pack for $3.99. Unfortunately my 1050ti does not do ray tracing but there is the Berserker and Q2xp sourceports for upping the graphics.
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    Windows 10 Version 1909 Makes It Harder to Set Up a Local User Account
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    USB Type C Cables

    Where the hell do I find good quality fast charge cables that also support data transfer..... had a quick look on raru and takealot and I only see junk.
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    Wierd SD card drama

    I just wanna copy the contents of a SD card so I can replace it with a larger one. Took it out of the tablet, plugged into the PC, start the transfer..... complete stall, 20min later nothing happens. This is repeatable. Tried normal copy, copy handler and freefilesync. I flicked the read-only...
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    How the world’s largest child porn marketplace was undone by a right-click I guess being a grosse pervert makes you grossely stupid too....
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    Sanditon viewers left OUTRAGED over 'disappointing' series finale NOTE: spoilers in link I was just like "wait no second season?....... :ROFL::ROFL::ROFL::ROFL::ROFL::ROFL::ROFL::ROFL::ROFL: yall got trolled yah whiny beetches!" It...
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    Odly Prophetic Songs

    I have through the years come across music that seems jarringly foresightful, could just be history repeating itself or the artists seeing shadows of something coming or over-interpreting but it could be as if the songs were written today. In particular I am now thinking of: [1985] Mike + The...
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    'Absolute theological bankruptcy': Union Theological Seminary students confess climate sins to plants

    'Absolute theological bankruptcy': Union Theological Seminary students confess climate sins to plants Right..... well..... no comment.