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    Which large food retailer do you support the most often?

    Spar is close by for the small stuff, but mostly checkers
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    Vodacom Uncapped Fibre Giveaway - Enter Now

    Super-fast and uninterrupted internet connectivity.
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    Which ISP do you use for your Internet connection at home?

    With WebAfrica, but looking around
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    R2,000 Cash Giveaway – Enter Now

    For when the fiber is down
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    Have you ever been subscribed to a WASP service without your permission?

    Yes, for 3 days at R10 a day. Even cancelling it immediately, still ran 3 days which I had to pay for...
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    Big Microsoft Giveaway – Win your share of R2,000 cash

    buy a legit copy or you can be in the 33% infected by malware
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    Huawei Smartphone, Video Play and Hosting Promotion - Win R3,000 cash

    R149 per month buys you all of this, 10 GB SSD storage 10 SSD databases 250 mailboxes 250 email aliases 3 FTP accounts 25 multiple domains
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    Huawei Smartphone, Video Play and Hosting Promotion - Win R3,000 cash

    Huawei P40 with the below for only R899 4GB All-network Data 1GB Data for WhatsApp 1GB Data for Streaming 1000 On-net calling (Telkom mobile & Telkom fixed calling) 100 Off-net calling (calls to other networks) 400 SMSs
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    Makro Giveaway - Enter now and win R2,000 cash

    Cadac 4 burner Commander Gas Braai
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    Vodacom Giveaway - Win your share of R2000

    Flexible and cost effective on-demand service
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    Are you back at the office today?

    No, still working from home for the foreseeable future.
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    Do you think all ecommerce should be opened?

    Yes, if other stuff can be delivered safely, why not online shopping.
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    Big Giveaway - Enter now

    Talking about the POPI act Security, legal and compliance considerations form a very important link in securing your information for you, and your client-base.
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    Have you left your house yet?

    Yes, for food.
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    Which TV series are you currently watching?

    Tiger King and Community on Netflix Followng Grace and Franky as my wife watches it
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    Frogfoot to double fibre line speed for a limited time

    No speed increase yet, checked now and still on the same speed.