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    Unlimited SMS options

    So I've got a couple of sensors that send me sms's on a regular basis, however I can't seem to find a reasonable contract or bundle that has a unlimited SMS. I recall some time ago that virgin mobile had unlimited SMS but can't seem to find them anywhere. I'm currently using a telkom sim and...
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    Apple 30 Pin to Lightning adaptor

    The title is pretty much self explanatory... Here is a pic... Cost is R130 per item Shipping is between R25 to R40 depending on where you located as well as how many units you take. (Standard Economail in a padded/Bubblewrapped envelope with tracking) overnight Courier option available at...
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    Dead Hard Drive - Western Digital WD20EADS Cipherwave Casing

    :mad: So This afternoon I suddenly couldn't connect to the Hard Drive share on my micro server. Anyways logged in an saw the hard drive not showing up. So rebooted, reconnected Hard drive (E-sata) connection, and nothing. Put my ear to the drive and this strange whirring noise, almost like...
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    Pebble: E-Paper Watch for iPhone and Android.... Raises $1m on kickstarter

    So Yesterday while browsing the interwebz I came across this watch, it quite nifty, but the thing that caught my interest was that it was one of the only wireless watches that actually had decent battery life (7 days) and was VERY reasonabley priced.. So I Pledged to the project, today I see...
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    Android Store 10 billion downloads 80C promo

    On reaching 10 billion downloads, the Android market has dropped the pricing of some nifty apps to 0.80c yes thats ZA Cents NOT US cents..... Swift key X Minecraft Sketchbook Fieldrunners Paper camera and some others here is the link...
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    Using Google Music Outside USA

    From Engadget Worked for me 1) download and install tor, and 2) Run it. let it connect to the tor network. Wait for green onion 3)From...
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    Gaming Headphone SUB R1k

    Hi all I'm looking for some quality gaming headphone below R1K. Been looking at the Coolermaster Sirius 5.1, and its seems to be good. any other options? Prefer surround sound, and a microphone. wireless would be awesome, but obviously bluetooth and not RF. will be used for BF3, MW3 and a...
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    Bluetooth Headphone

    Need some advice on a good, quality pair of headphones (over the head). Also if you have one what is the sound quality like? any lag etc I want to use them with my eee pad transformer as well as my mobile phone, and my PC.It MUST be Bluetooth, NO RF or infrared stuff. These jaybirds seem nice...
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    Using a CDMA cellphone from the states on Neotels network

    Just wanted to know if it's at all possible to use a CDMA (CDMA= US networks verizon and sprint) phone, like the HTC Evo or the palm pixi on the Neotel network, and if so how do you get it registered on the network. What is CDMA? See wiki
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    "Unlimited Detail" Graphics Engine

    A Graphics Engine being devloped by Austrailian company Euclideon, claims to have found a way of rendering graphics with "Unlimited Detail" Viable now? I don't think so, It needs at least 3-4 years to become viable, also the hardware requirements will be tremendous...
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    P5NE-SLi Bios/Boot problem

    Hi guys, was tinkering with my motherboard settings , trying to overclock my Q6600. Had lots of failed boot attemtps etc. Then I read a thread which said that maybe a BIOS update will help. So I upgraded the BIOS from version 0401 to 1301. Now I'm having a problem. The PC take almost 10 minutes...
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    Strange problem with PPPOE and Telkom Router

    I'm having a strange problem with my router, its default setting of halfbridge worked very well untill I got uncapped from axxess, theres nothing wrong with the account, however I am used to using pppoe connections from 1 PC, with the other PC's using the account in the router. Now that I have...
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    Which DSTV Package?

    i'm thinking of getting DSTV, However I'm unsure which package offer what I want. 400+ is too much for all the channels. I love Sport and want to be able to watch the EPL, All international Soccer (Euro, World cup, African Cup of nations, Champions League) etc. I'm also interested in some of...
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    Telkom "Blended" Cap increase to 5GB

    Hi people I checked my bandwith usage today and noticed the following: Dear subscriber A friendly notification that according to our records your online usage as at [2008-10-11 23:59:59] reflected the following: Username: onlinexxxxxxxx @ ADSL bandwidth usage...