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  1. QTMandz

    Help needed to make a fibre decision! Please

    Good day Everyone :) We only have 1 supplier of Fibre in our complex - Link Africa. Now both Afrihost and Mweb list available packages for Link Africa packages. Mweb is way cheaper than Afrihost and both have free installation and router in the package. How does one go about choosing the...
  2. QTMandz

    What should be part of a standard clutch replacement kit service by a RMI approved dealership?

    Need some advice from the experts please [emoji122] I had a clutch replacement done through an RMI approved dealership. (2011 Kia Picanto). The invoice only indicates Clutch kit replacement. I would like to find out - what "should" be part of a process like this (steps / tasks) to ensure that...