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    Free Internet speed upgrades for South Africans

    Just did a speed test. My d/l is still 20meg, but my upload speed has tripled from 2 to 6meg. FF on Afrihost. 20/2.
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    Good news for slow Internet in South Africa

    I was able to do some decent gaming last night for the first time since the break, tried at various times since Friday, but last night was getting around 220ms most/a lot of the time for WOW European server. It did d/c a few times, but was fairly steady with latency. So Afrihost must have...
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    Frogfoot to double fibre line speed for a limited time

    I have a 20mb FF line from Frogfoot via Afrihost in Gordons Bay. The doubling of speed - my case 20mb to 50mb is most welcome, though we have had a notification that FF will be upping their fees, and eventually Afrihost will pass that on to the customer - they have deferred it for a few months -...
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    Is Afrihost now officially useless?

    Ditto this. I use their Airmobile 2XL, no problems at all, and I quite like that I get my Fibre and mobile in one go, on one invoice.
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    Bad news for SA’s slow Internet

    My Afrihost Fibre connection is much improved since last night!
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    Are you planning on playing Vanilla WoW?

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    Are you planning on playing Vanilla WoW?

    Eish, how can i reroll now. Just got my big Pwning Warrior Quest Axe! 2shotting everything :)
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    Are you planning on playing Vanilla WoW?

    Lvl 35 and also having a Jol :) I would like to join a more decent guild, lvling a Warrior is a bit like sado-masochism, not much guild help either. So if anyone's got a half decent guild on Flamelash(Alliance), let me know. Despite that, I can't remember the last time I logged into Retail...
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    Frogfoot service?

    Ok, good info, thanks :)
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    Frogfoot service?

    Thanks, Leno. Ja, i suspected that it can't really improve much. I use a cable, but i suspect the wifi will be the same. Ah well, 180ms is not bad, it's not like i'm playing a FPS.
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    Frogfoot service?

    Just one other thing. I was a bit disappointed with my World of Warcraft latency. On ADSL i had about 220ms. After the Fibre installation it only went down to 180ms, hardly an earth-shattering improvement - EU server.
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    Frogfoot service?

    Well, Frogfoot laid the cables and went live 1st of this month. I switched from an 8meg ADSL to a 20meg Fibre line, stayed with my current ISP(Afrihost), and everything was seamless. A couple of things. Frogfoot have an optimistic view of their Go Live date for your area. Don't get carried away...
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    Telkom cutting your copper within the next 30 days

    I wish they would do this to me. I'm trying to cancel my Telkom account/line via their online 'service', this would save me a lot of time and effort. Come rip out my line please!
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    YouTube closes accounts tied to Hong Kong influence operations

    Well done, Google. Now stop monitoring my every move. There's nothing creepier than visiting a restaurant you haven't been to in ages, and your phone informing you that you were last here 3 years ago.