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    UV phone sterilizer

    Howszit. Anyone able to confirm that UV phone sterilizers kill CV19, and secondly, if anyone knows where to get a decent one locally?
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    School tablet

    Hi I'm helping an employee out finding a tablet for school. Specs required as follows: Android 7 Tier one devices Quad core 1.7 ghz 32GB 4GB RAM Please help with suggestions. Cheers.
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    Card accepting - Small business advise

    Hi. What is the most cost effective way to accept credit/debit cards for a small business. Max 10 transactions totalling 20k per month. Not keen on monthly rental. Would rather pay fees. Any advise?
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    Wife's a British citizen, can my son become one?

    Hi. My wife of 36, South African born, with British citizenship, father born in UK, mother born in South Africa, also with British citizen, Grand parents on fathers side both UK citizens, grand parents on mothers side both South African. Anyone know of any idea how our son can become anything...