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    Why do newer cars tend to have smaller/less powerful engines?

    Is it because of fuel economy? Surely that can't be the only reason? Is there something I'm missing? Example; 2012 i20 1.6l engine 91kw 2016 i20 1.4l engine 74kw Why would I want a less powerful engine? Unless they are trying to make you buy an i30 or an Elantra? or are the newer engines...
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    New MTN Fixed LTE SIM's from Axxess

    Does MTN's fixed LTE Night Time Data, automatically switch? Like at 00:01 it stops using your other data?
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    Is this lady legit. Mweb customer service

    Just got my fixed lte mtn sim Plugged everything in and connected it. No internet access. It won't connect to Called mweb, they said it takes 48 hours to configure itself and I must just wait Is this legit? Seems like she just wanted to get rid of me
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    Decofurn Desks/chairs. Easy to assemble? with the side drawer for 899
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    Decofurn Desks/chairs. Easy to assemble?

    Cause if I can't figure it out im not sure if they offer assembly as a service
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    Decofurn Desks/chairs. Easy to assemble?

    Anyone ever bought a desk and chair from decofurn? Im gonna buy a 180cm table and chair, but i wanna know if these things are easy to assemble? I've never assembled a table/chair before. I mean it cant be hard? Can it?
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    All schools are closing; by end July

    Can someone please explain to me, what exactly closing schools for 2-4 weeks will accomplish? The hard lockdown was 5 weeks and even that did nothing in the long run. 2 weeks? 2 weeks is nothing. If I had a kid I'd keep them at home till this **** it over.
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    South African Covid-19 News and Discussions 2
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    2020 BMW 4-Series (2nd Generation)

    why are there squiggly lines all over these bmw?
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    To Sonic or not to Sonic

    ohh, what does that mean? less parts if something goes wrong? less people who know how to work on them? thx
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    Is buying an older Hyundai Veloster worth it?

    Hi guys, a while ago I made a thread saying I wanna car in the 100-150k price range. I have seen a few Velosters going for around 150, usually 2013/2014 models. Are these any good? Expensive to maintain? I do see they are only 1.6l with 103 kw, so im assuming it shouldn't be overly expensive...
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    Would you 'try' for a baby under the current Covid19 circumstances

    Literally got my fiance pregnant before lockdown. Back then I was thinking, ohhh itll all be over by the time baby is born. hah... ****. ****...
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    Do you support the new ban on alcohol sales?

    Whenever our rights are infringed upon, I have to say no.
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    What car did your parents own when you were a kid?

    Joined this forum at 20 years old lol Now 27
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    Is now a good time to buy a car?

    Been looking at a few other options; What about Opel Adam Hyundai i20
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    South African Covid-19 News and Discussions 2

    Zone Fitness just deducted R103 from my account and sent an SMS "Dear ZF member. We believe the opening of gyms are imminent. We have submitted a debit order of 50% of your normal membership for July. See you soon." No, you will not see me soon.