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    The coronavirus picture has changed dramatically: KZN premier

    Surge of cases expected. This is a highly infectious virus. What I want to know is if there is a surge in virus caused mortality.
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    Lack of savings could be keeping SA trapped in its low-growth cycle

    The problem worldwide is a lack of responsibility and trust by individuals. The majority are primitives.
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    Do you think it should be a crime not to wear a mask in public?

    Absolute no. Unless people are dying in the millions worldwide of the virus itself, not worth destroying liberty.
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    SA Post Office - We deliver parcels without delays

    Eskom, SAA, SAPO, etc are now only welfare and graft programs. Actually doing the job is pretty much at the bottom of the priority list.
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    Real covidiots! People who refuse to wear a mask or comply with social distancing have lower cognitive ability, new study shows

    These monsters are desperate to enslave us. The virus mortality has proved to be nothing like predictions but they won't give up telling us how to live. And because they don't have reality backing them up, they turn to lies, damn lies and statistics. Understand what they are: monsters.
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    Which UPS would you recommend

    You can also look at a mini DC UPS. Have a look at the geewiz mini DC UPC 7800mAh backup battery power bank. I've no experience with it but ppl at work have recommended it.
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    Do you support the new ban on alcohol sales?

    No. Don't support the monsters.
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    Telkom Mobile Speed, Disconnections & Coverage Problems – click here first!

    My issue has been resolved. Thank goodness.
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    Telkom Mobile Speed, Disconnections & Coverage Problems – click here first!

    Spoke with Telkom call centre. They say the problem is with their servers and that they are addressing the problem. Hopefully my issue is resolved soon.
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    Telkom Mobile Speed, Disconnections & Coverage Problems – click here first!

    I'm suffering with Telkom LTE in Umhlanga. For the last few weeks I have mostly been getting sub Mbps download speeds. My upload speeds, on the other hand, never been faster. Did a speed test to Spain for international: 2nd later attempt...
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    SA seeks R1.5 trillion infrastructure investment over next decade

    The welfare state is bankrupt and needs a big project to siphon from. Not saying that the money will go to welfare, most will probably go to political pockets but some will also go to vote buying. As bad as vote buying is, once these monsters run out of cash to buy votes, they'll get rid of the...
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    19,137 cases of COVID-19 in South Africa

    The number of people that test positive for the virus is irrelevant as 80%+ of people with it are either asymptomatic or have very mild symptoms. The important number is number of serious symptomatic cases requiring hospitalization. The other important number is number of deaths directly caused...
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    A new artificial eye mimics and may outperform human eyes

    I wonder if the eyes are hackable. I'm sure Major will help out.
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    Coronavirus could sink South Africa’s economy by 6%: Dawie Roodt

    Wuhan virus + load shedding is going to be great for the economy. Work from home quarantine without generators (whatever the power source) means serious pain for businesses.
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    UKZN removes 2,000 'professional students' who've taken eight years to do a three-year course

    This would be good but politics is currently owned by sociopaths and psychopaths so responsibility is a very low priority.
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    Telkom fixed lte speed has dropped dramatically

    My Telkom fixed LTE is also rediculously slow. Can barely web browse. Downloading from Steam etc seems to start very slowly but then pick up to about 10mbs. Not very happy with speed lately. I hope the situation resolves.
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    Telkom fixed lte speed has dropped dramatically

    Found the bandwidth thief [emoji16]