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    What can you do with a ridiculously tiny 40MB data bundle?

    Read the article at Thanks Moneyweb for focussing on this scam!
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    New coverage areas?

    Hi, at the launch, Neotel gave a list of areas that might have Neotel service. Since then it was just quiet. Time for an update I guess. Or has Neotel gone stagnant?
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    No talking while doing Data: Phone problem or CDMA problem

    There were many remarks on the fact that one could not phone and be on the internet at the same time with Neotel's product. Is this due to below par hardware, or is it a limitation of the CDMA technology used?
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    Lower end pricing speculation

    Neotel has mentioned that there will be other packages. It is known that they value the cost of the hardware at R80pm (what it actually costs Neotel is an unknown). Current know package is R599. The only part of value in it is the 10GB data. The 1000minute Neotel-Neotel calls etc are...
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    Neotel competing with Cellphones and iBurst

    Having a look at the current consumer product available from Neotel it is obvious that it does not compete with Telkom's offerings. At R600 per "slow" 10GB (compared to "fastest" ADSL), it is almost as expensive as Telkom ADSL. The Neotel-Neotel free minutes are of no value, and...
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    External Antenna for Huawei E220

    Hi, is there an external antenna for the E220? I have a client who is just outside the official 3G coverage area of Vodacom, an nowhere near to MTN's coverage. He gets about 50% of the time a 3G signal (3/5 bars) on his cellphone - so I guess he will be Ok with a decent external antenna...
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    The Fidentia Trial - J. Arthur Brown

    Here it goes again... How many widows were converted to beggars this time?
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    Vodafone Huawei E220 USB Modem - first impressions

    I received a Vodafone Huawei E220 USB modem yesterday. Some first impressions: Installation was straight forward on WinXP: Follow the manual and expect a large number of new hardware items to be installed. It does not install the PCMCIA Dashboard, but installs a Vodafone interface called...