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    HP 630 Replacement screen

    Hi guys. So a friend of mine accidentally sat on her laptop this weekend :erm: The result is a severely cracked screen. I'm trying to get a replacement screen off Amazon however they seem not to ship to SA:confused: Can anyone point me in the direction of a local distributor please. The...
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    Belkin N150 Router + ZTE modem + iPod Touch

    Hi guys, Need your help on this one. Im running a Windows 7 laptop connected to a Belkin N150 ADSL router. There is no ADSL however, I want to share my laptops internet connection (via ZTE K4505-Z) so im able to connect with the iPod. Internet sharing is on (for the LAN, which im...
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    Opera Mini splash screen hijacked!

    Yesterday I loaded a 10mb data bundle on my MTN sim and inserted the yellow thing in an old phone of mine. Browsed a few sites with the Opera Mini 5 installed on the phone (since Nov). All of the sunday, on a Wednesday afternoon, MTN has added their logo to the start up (splash) screen. Who...