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    Issues with Morph TV

    Has anyone found an issue with Morph TV (current version - 1.78) where the episode list shows the latest episode (example S08E11), but all the available streams are only for the first episode of the current season (S08E01)? I've found this problem during the last two weeks on various shows...
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    MWeb Cancellation of Cell C Fixed LTE

    I received notice from Mweb on 11/09/2019 that they will be suspending the Cell C fixed LTE packages, starting with the 100 and 200 GB packages at the end of October. Just to make sure, I phoned them on 30/09/2019 to confirm that I'll be leaving them on 31/10/2019 and asked if they needed a...
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    Cell C Dropping "Fixed" LTE - What are the alternatives?

    As per the heading. I received notice from M-web that they are ending the Cell C contracts at the end of October and that they now offer Fibre (not available in my area) or a similar LTE package via Telkom. I currently pay R530 for 100GB and have my own router Telkom's offer = 50GB anytime +...
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    Android Pie - Lost Ant+ Support

    Just a note for anyone noticing issues with their Ant+ connected devices (heart rate chest straps, connected smart devices etc.). It seems that Google has stuffed up support for Ant+ devices with the latest version of Android. I first noticed it when my Lezyne Mega C bicycle computer failed to...