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    iBurst Modem, Router and Poynting Antenna for sale

    I have the following for sale: iBurst Modem, model UTD-1785D-ZA-A (Kyocera, Desktop) iBurst Modem, model UTW1785D-ZA-A (Kyocera, WAN Modem with LAN interface) Poynting Directional Panel Antenna, model A-PANL-0010 Junction box for antenna to modem About 10m worth of cable Thinking...
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    Bandwidth Optimization

    Hi all, I've put together a local proxy server product that I use to manage my meager 500mb 3G cap a bit better. It's nothing else that Squid NT which was packaged up with a custom configuration tool. Some of the features are: Efficient and quick caching Blacklists - To keep prying eyes from...