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    Apex Legends - Battle Royale/Hero shooter from creators of Titanfall

    This free-to-play game has had a pretty silent release Respawn entertainment's reasoning for a surprise release was that they wanted to let the game speak for itself rather than spending months trying to convince a skeptical audience that a new BR game is a...
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    Samsung 48" smart TV + Samsung J355 soundbar

    SOLD Selling my tv and soundbar as a packaged deal, will not consider selling separately unfortunately. Items: Samsung 48 inch Series 5 5500 Smart LED TV ( Samsung HW-J355/XA Sound bar...
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    pppoe disconnects

    Recently I've been having a serious problem whereby my pppoe connection idles after a random period of time (usually 45 min to 2 hours). When it dies, I can't disconnect\reconnect, can't browse or ping anything and HAVE to restart my pc to fix the problem. It's not a network- or router-related...