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    Fibre in small town.

    Welcome to my world. I live in a small town Naboomspruit Limpopo and the fiber ring runs from the N1 highway to the Post Office where the Openserve Exchange is connecting the Post Office, SAP, and all the Banks like ABSA, FNB and Standard Bank. We have a shop in Euphorbia Park next to OK Grocer...
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    Your First Adsl Memories

    I had the R7 infinite call package with Telkom that cost R49 per month apart from the Telkom line rental. ISP dial up costs was R79 per month and if I were lucky I got 40kbps that I used for downloading music, chatting, web surfing etc. I connected 8pm Friday and disconnected 6am om Monday...
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    How Netflix killed DStv in SA

    Multichoice's Supersport offering and coverage of major sport events are amazing - I must give it to them. What I tried to say is that you can get a streaming service for +- R200 p/m that include all the major channels over the world including major sport channels. I am not sure about the legal...
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    How Netflix killed DStv in SA

    Dstv is overpriced, why would anyone pay R900 per month just for the priviledge to watch rugby, cricket and outdated shows, endless repearts and adverts. If it was not for sport, Dstv would have been a forgotten outdated product a long time ago. There are IP streaming services available for...
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    Galaxy Note handsets

    You are welcome! You can;'t go wrong with this phone!! Its Brilliant!!
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    Galaxy Note handsets

    I took the R749 X36 deal with Vodacom for the Note 10+ and finally I have a phone that is big in size (6.8") and onboard storage (256GB) which is more than enough for me, I can even expand this with a memory card (up to 1TB) if I wish. All my apps and games run smoothly (12GB RAM) the S-pen...
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    How Many People on MB have Rain Problems?

    Yes, please make sure you have a outdoor antenna. It will dramatically improve speeds. I have a Huawei B311 on the R479 package and speeds were between 2 - 4 mbps and after moving the router around and installing the antenna, speeds improved to 10mbps down 10mbps. Also a good router is a must if...
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    New all day Unlimited 4G R479

    Unfortunately there is no fiber available in my area, so the only option I have at the moment is Rain. Even Pure DSL is not available according to Telkom website. I hope I can get fiber soon and have a decent internet experience. The speed downgrade from 50mbps on the R250 package compared to...
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    DStv asks Premium subscribers to return for live sport

    How about a BIG FAT NO!! You have screwed us long enough with the ridiculous high price for Premium and the whole of South Africa BEGGING you to discount the price of Premium, you gave us the finger and STILL RAISED prices and continue to Charge R819 for Premium - during the time there is NO...
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    New all day Unlimited 4G R479

    For what I can see, Netflix, Youtube and Dstv Now quality looks like HD (720p), I hardly see any buffering and Xbox updates and downloads are fast. Everyone is happy with the connection and use it mostly for streaming. When using VPN it jumps to 1080p Full HD - without it 720p. Usage currently...
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    New all day Unlimited 4G R479

    I have installed a 4G Unlimited Sim at my parents house that they are sharing with family on Saturday and speedtest give 10mbps down and 10 mbps up. There are 10 people in the house sharing this connection - streaming Netlix, Youtube etc and everything up and running well. So far so good, every...
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    Afrihost launches Pure Uncapped LTE

    I have a backup WISP 4mbps uncapped account that we use for general internet usage.
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    Afrihost launches Pure Uncapped LTE

    With Rain R250 Unlimited Off Peak I currently stand on 725GB with speeds between 20 - 50mbps and that is Netflix streaming, working from home, kids updating and downloading xbox games, tablets, smartphones connected, I will easily hit 1TB before 20th of the month. I am more than happy with this...
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    Vodacom 5G

    All good and well to launch a 5G service, but the majority of South Africans do not have a 5G capable devices. And to offer 200GB + 200GB 5G service at +- 300mbps is not going to last a whole month for most people. I know of many people on Rain 5G that uses 1.5TB to 3TB per month. My usage on...
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    April lockdown data usage

    Rain LTE (in the area that actually worked) - Unlimited Off Peak (R 250.00) Sim Total Usage was 922 GB - Netflix, Xbox Updates And Downloads etc. Cancelled the 24/7 Uncapped (R 479.00) Sim - No usage reported on it - was completely useless.
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    Rain broke up with me .ITs not you its me

    Funny enough I have had the exact same response...looks like a copy and paste scenario - maybe this is the general accepted response from Rain when someone has a problem with connectivity...
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    Cancelling Rain

    I have cancelled my Rain sim this morning after numerous tickets logged and Rain just responding that the network in my area is fine and has no problems etc... This morning email the last straw " Please note the reason for issues at this address is because there is no coverage at this address...
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    The fastest speed test you've done on Rain 4G?

    The best Speedtest we ever achieved on the Rain network with Samsung S8+ and getting 4G+ on phone was 168 mbps download and 29.1 upload. That was the days when the network was still great before all the congestion started. I am on the Unlimited off peak package. These days we hardly get 40 mbps...