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    WANTED: Z97 Motherboard Only

    Looking for an ATX motherboard with a LGA1150 socket CPU for a 4670k i5. Chipset Z97 preferably but beggars cant be choosers. Will collect around Cape Town or pay for freight. Board only will do. PLEASE NO DAMAGE.
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    VOX ADSL FATPIPE Data account CLOSED ..

    Item name (be very descriptive): VOX Fatpipe account ADSL-FPP-400GB-PROM: ADSL-FP-400GB - Data Account: 2.8TB available Usage as at Tue Nov 26 13:42 Service Status Active Data Used 0.00 GB Data Available 2800.00 GB Data Allocated 2800.00 GB Age and condition: Years and excellent Do...
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    20GB for the price of 50GB !!! am I missing something?

    from Cell C ad on Mybb Why would I want to pay the price of the 50GB package and only take 20GB - is it me?:unsure:
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    No International on Cybersmart

    usual carp about "problem with out upstream provider" naais move to MTN backbone -- can't even get to my webmail....
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    How ? Fixed IP from a GPRS modem connection?

    I have a monitoring device that I need to connect to to read enviromental data. The monitoring device uses a GPRS modem to connect to MTN server. All good. I need to access the connection over the web from other sites. So how can I get a Fixed IP for this connection? I can get the IP at...