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    WonderNet - Vumatel and Openserve prices

    Seacoms peering policy turned them/Macrolan to sh|t
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    The 76TB man – South Africa’s biggest bandwidth hog in the lockdown

    It's easy to do. Put your exchange ost file on a cloud drive like one drive. It will forever upload.
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    Naspers blocked from buying WeBuyCars

    Such good news!! I've spoken to a lot of 2nd hand dealers the last 1.5 years and they all brought up the topic how it will be their doom if Naspers owns WeBuyCars. Apparently WBC also contravene some or other dealer license. They cant be a wholesaler and dealer at the same time.
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    Apple launches new iPad Pro

    "faster than most windows pc's"... Provides no benchmarks. If you watch Louis Rossman on YouTube you will never buy any apple product ever again.
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    How South Africa's power users roll

    Power user: Still uses IRC for work [x]
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    Something odd is happening on Telkom's mobile network

    Telkom over MTN was a bliss. Now I can't even get signal at UCT on Telkom, keep on having to tell people to "whatsapp call me" over WiFi. I also constantly have to airplane and back my phone. I also think they do MAC based throttling. When I put an LTE simcard in a huawei router I get 50 Mbps...
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    SAA flights discounted in "Change It Up" sale

    I already made the mistake flying return from JHB to JFK. Plane was dirty, ran out of water and toilet tissue. Some bathroom doors can't close. No WiFi and entertainment TVs were broken.
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    Samsung Galaxy smartphones in South Africa through the years

    I had a Google galaxy nexus. Closest I'll go to Samsung.
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    The DStv myth

    I just shat in my hand and ate it. I now feel on par with this article. As the OP said, this quoted experiment is ancient old. No one is so crazy about local sport in today's age that they need to go to the bar or restaurant for every game.
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    Your second-hand iPhone is now worth less

    Just watch Louis Rossman on YouTube, you will never buy apple again. *spits on Apple and its users*
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    Frogfoot announces Polokwane fibre roll-out

    Can someone clarify from FF? Do they trench past the house in Polokwane or only to the corner of the block and then you have to pay for trenching all the way to your yard and home? I was in Polokwane in December and no one could tell me for sure.
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    What Cell C has to say about switching networks and number porting

    Stopped reading after the "believe the customer has a choice" bs but against customers being persuade back... So they customer doesn't have a choice....
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    Prices in South Africa compared - 1995 vs 2020

    When you could still afford a 12pc kingpie box.
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    Home Automation - Smartkit

    Hi, no sorry only have the Shelly 1 OS. Which has the dry contact that the PM's don't have.
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    Home Automation - Smartkit

    I have about 25 Shelly 1's OS (blue) in stock. Located in Bellville, WC. R250 each. Courier at own expense or Amarax @R100. Limited Warranty on products sold. I.e. If you wire it incorrectly or flash it you unfortunately don't have any.
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    Windows 10 is losing ground to other operating systems

    I run windows 10 on my home PC since the late Betas in 2014 and deployed it to 300 000 machines via SCCM at my previous job. Not a days issues. I run Windows 10 natively on my work provided MacBook Pro 2017, it runs better and faster than MacOS. 2020 is claimed to be the year of the Linux...
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    Johann Rupert considers selling R22-billion stake in fibre networks

    Well he did say he is tired of being the EFFs "white monopoly face" when behind the scenes they beg him for money so he will rather move oversea. Cool guy this, I used to play at his house as a kid and race his son with golf carts around the garden.
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    Mocked Tesla Cybertruck May Be Brilliant, Car Designer Says

    I love it. Would buy it if I could
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    Here's why you need an approved router for MTN fixed-LTE About the test - no external antennas connected - connected to the AP with my phone when running the test (no LAN test) - router was indoor
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    SAA is the worst airline in South Africa

    Portland, Maine to JFK, best flight ever. Friendly service and onboard unlimited WiFi. (jetblue) Welcome to SAA hell... JFK to JHB. 13+h flight. All seats in the center column onboard entertainment dead. Drop down TVs computer, cyrix 486 with 64 MB fscked. Never ending loop. Most toilet...