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    Musicians' thread.

    I'd take the new PRS SE Hollowbody/Hollowbody II as my hollow/semi-hollow over the rest any day. Pity we don't yet have them here!!!
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    Musicians' thread.

    I have a PRS SE 245 (amongst others, including a SE Custom 24) and it is by far my favourite guitar!
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    R1-billion business fund suspends applications following massive demand

    That's why you should continue. It sounds like most didn't/couldn't have abided by the rules.
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    Big SA Post Office ecommerce platform coming soon

    It's Postal California, your parcels get checked in but they can never leave.
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    We tested the new Apple TV app

    Looks like spotify has recently release an atv app: source
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    Great software which makes your life much easier

    Bias FX, Bias AMP 2, Garageband and Youtube pemium for a truly mobile workflow.
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    Inmates should make furniture for ministers: Lamola

    It's the "Cabinets for Cabinet" program.
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    Makate did not invent anything and his idea was not technically possible – Ari Kahn

    Of course, the fact that the government was a major stakeholder in VDC at the time, thus not WMC at all, is completely overlooked by these morons.
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    Epub and pdf Magazines

    LOL, +1
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    Anyone have any experience with the dodge calibre

    Why don't you wait for the new Impreza hatchie to come out? It'll start at about that price, with at least a 2L boxer engine and I strongly doubt you'll be pushed around on the road. Further more, why don't you get yourself a copy of car (or at least browse one) for their page on upcoming...
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    Anyone have any experience with the dodge calibre

    That wasn't my point. My point was simply buy what you want after doing the research on reliability and running costs 'cos at the end you'll loose money. I'd rather buy the car I want and loose R20K than spend my time in a car I hate but will give me a little extra back when I trade it in.
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    Anyone have any experience with the dodge calibre

    You'll be getting a new skooby I presume :D
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    Anyone have any experience with the dodge calibre

    Actually I probably have more experience with cars than you do, 5 cars in 7 years. I've been through most makes and European cars suck like no other cars on this planet except European cars made/assembled in this lovely country.
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    Anyone have any experience with the dodge calibre

    Well apparently you're a bit stupid for wanting a VW, but hey, every idiot for themselves. The point is that in the end you lose a lot of money on a car, regardless of the make and model, so push the resale aside and buy what you want and can afford now. Worry about a measly R20K in 5 years...