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    Asus ZenFone 6 New just delivered, looks refurbished. Has scratches and scuff mark

    Hi MyBB peoples, hope you are all holding up well during the lockdown! :) I am here to ask for your advice with regards to a purchase. I have just received delivery of an Asus ZenFone 6. I bought it from Zeek Online. Pre-Unboxing However, as soon as I started the unboxing, I noticed scuff...
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    Telkom speed checker underrating my speed to exchange

    Hi all, didn't want to necro the thread, so for background to what I'm asking about please check out How do i get telkom to upgrade.. Here are my stats: ADSL Link Downstream Upstream Connection Speed 1024 kbps 512 kbps Line Attenuation 32.0 db 17.0 db Noise Margin 27.9 db 14.0 db My...