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    Huawei launches its competitor to Android - Harmony OS

    My first priority in choosing a cellphone is Google Android then manufacturer....I took Huawei of my list when their troubles with Google started while choosing a new device this I know I made the right choice!
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    “Best smartphone ever” continues to impress South Africans

    They have one amazing feature : Bixby! Its amazing that Samsung Will make a excellent device and then #$@! it up with the most senseless feature ever made to run on Google Android!
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    Samsung Bixby irritation

    With the latest firmware you can assign a app to the button for a one or two press, I assigned Google to a one press that means that Bixby will still appear with a double or long press. There are a few apps that will remap the button but Samsung had circumvent them in the latest firmware, so...
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    Samsung Bixby irritation

    My Sony XZ was still working faultlessly but I had to upgrade and the XZ2 Sony was not available from my cellphone provider and with the Trump Huawei problem I decided to go for a Samsung S9. I was warned about the Bixby issues but was under the impression it could be disabled....but with the...
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    Why you should install an antivirus on your smartphone

    First of all because of the way that Google Android operates it is a waste of money to install "antimalware" because the most such apps can do is to slow your device down and issue a warning if it detects any activity : it cannot stop the malware from running or uninstall any apps because...