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  1. InSanity

    Gaming Channel - OPTV

    Hey Guys, So a couple of the guys from this forum have started a gaming channel namely myself, @MalicE , @Saint_Dee , @Snare on a new mobile platform its a really cool little app called tuluntulu our channel is called OP TV (dedicated 24 hour gaming)...
  2. InSanity

    Iphone 4 MTN airtime dissapearing

    Hi GUys, I dont know if this is the right forum to post in but lately my GF's airtime is going like mad it has just started recently she will have R15 'send 2 sms and the enxt day she will have no airtime i cant see anything downloading any idea she has a few apps on their but nothing except...
  3. InSanity

    A few Iphone 4 questions

    Hi Guys, Ok so scenario is this my GF got a new iphone 4 yesterday as an upgrade... now i was playing around with it a lot yesterday, For my GF she wants things like themes and ringtones and pretty much a pretty phone Now my questions are these: 1. I read alot about "jailbreaking" the...
  4. InSanity

    MTN the worst

    I dont know if this is the right place but MTN is the ****t3st SP ever i mean just look at hello peter i put a complaint on there on wednesday and had to go through like 4 pages of complaints since then just to get to mine Sorry just really wanted to spread the love :mad...