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    Axxess Telkom Fixed LTE. Whats going on???

    Axxess seems to be having issues with Telkom Fixed LTE services. With having the package for less than a month the problems have been endless. They cant seem to get their data usage split on the app and on their website panel. Upgrades are a hassle as they are not processed. Been receiving...
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    Evetech Issues with GTX 1070

    So i bought two GTX 1070 from Evetech and both were in the same machine. Recently one card stopped displaying but still powered up. I sent it into evetech who took one month to have it looked at. Christo Kotze told me that the card was water damaged and voided the warranty yet no water has...
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    Lightspeed by Cybersmart feedback

    Hi everyone, I am a member of the body corporate of a building here on the Durban beachfront. Ideally we would like to get rid of Telkom for obvious reasons. So i did some research and found that DFA has fibre at the end of the street. I decided to contact a few ISP's for installation...
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    Cybersmart and telkom

    Hi, Has anyone had the issue where their telkom lines went dead for days with no telephone or ADSL. I am currently with Cybersmart (line and data) and want to know if its possible to get a refund for the days of no service?
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    Just horrible Cell C speeds-Umhlanga and King Shaka Airport region

    Towards the end of last year i began a test to see how fast Cell C can perform in the areas where i work and stay. At first it was brilliant....reaching 5mbps of download on the 3G card and between 7 to 10mbps on the ipad 3. However 2013 has not been that great. It was the first working day...