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  1. epah

    Help with Cell C insurance claim.

    Hello guys, I have cellphone with Cell c paying R259pm and inured between R15 001 - R20 000. I my cellphone got stolen and did all the necessary paperwork and submitted to insurance, my claim was then approved and I payed my excess. Now the problem is my Insurance does not stock the original...
  2. epah

    City Bridge won't give back Deposit

    Good day guys. I need help getting my deposit back From City bridge properties. These people own The Collosseum apartments in Johannesburg, Val Du Charron in the western cape and other businesses. In January 2016 I rented an apartment at the Collosseum and because I wasn't working at the...
  3. epah

    Who is responsible, cell or me?

    Who is responsible, Cell C or me? Hey guys I have a problem with Cell C and I would like your opinions. I have two cell c contracts and I made an EFT payment on the FNB app on the 28th of December, in the month of January I got my statement showing my accounts in arrears I then called Cell...