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    WonderNet vs Afrihost, Supersonic, Cool Ideas - Uncapped fibre prices

    For sure, I cant remember when last Vox was included in any article from MyBB.
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    DStv Now fixing Linux streaming problems

    Same issue here.....
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    DStv Now fixing Linux streaming problems

    Have done that numerous times, works for a while after clearing cache and just when you think the problem is sorted it starts all over again. Getting a bit tired of this.
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    Something odd is happening on Telkom's mobile network

    That was exactly the same when Cell-C was roaming on Vodacom, it was unusable.
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    Xiaomi TV box and DSTV now app

    Ok, so as usual, no pre testing doen by dstv. They suggested clearing the cache but that just worsened the crashes.
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    Xiaomi TV box and DSTV now app

    Hi Does anybody with the Xiaomi Mi box 4, have issues with DSTV now after the last update few days ago. I keep getting the error: "Video Playback Error - Retry/Close" after a few minutes of watching. Happens on Live TV as well as catchup. I have already reinstalled but the error persist...
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    Cool Ideas to slash Openserve fibre prices

    And Vumatel used to be the cheapest by far.
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    Moving from Cool Ideas - The best ISP to move to

    I am with Vox and I really can't complain with their technical helpdesk. Their biggest problem is sales and finance, I have not seen any other company more useless.
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    VOX Powerbank on offer

    I have received a mail from Vox for a Powerbank that they have on offer for R799 for loadshedding that can carry your fibre router/LTE for 3 hours. I phoned there sales team but the guys cant really answer my questions regarding the amount of devices that can be plugged and the make of it...
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    Apple working on in-display fingerprint sensor

    And then Apple is going to convince the world that they have invented and perfected in-screen finger print scanning.
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    Fibre ISP for Home Use

    I would stay away from Webafrica, they are the masters of throttling/shaping and having a FUP of 100GB is just ridiculous. I would much rather go for someone like Cool Ideas - R499 with no FUP, no throttling and unshaped.
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    Outdated Mikrotik RouterOS on Vox FTTH?

    Your PPPoE credentials for the router is displayed on your account.
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    Next FitBit could include Alexa

    Fitbit = CRAP!!
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    Vodacom data prices could be slashed in half

    The moment Shameel Joosub opens his mouth I move on to the next topic....
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    Afrihost Pure Fibre Giveaway - Win Free Fibre worth over R25,000

    Location: Eldoraigne, Centurion Fibre provider: Openserve Package: 100/50 uncapped
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    The best alternatives to DStv

    Maybe a bit off topic but how can I get rid of these highly irritating outsurance adverts on dstv. Some ad-blocker for explora, I mean I understand that adverts has some place on TV but I can only watch so much idiotic adverts from outsurance. If it wasn't for wife I would have cancelled this...
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    Vox + Openserve uncapped fibre opinions

    Running 100Mbps Uncapped on Vox and I can't be more happy. The price is really affordable and there service very acceptable to me.
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    This what you can expect: Webafrica.

    Easiest way to get rid of your problem is to get rid of WA. That sorted ALL my problems!