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    BFV...still enough SA players?

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    BFV...still enough SA players?

    Just considering buying BFV since it's on special and was wondering if the local BF community is still active enough?
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    Registrations open for Cyber Security Conference

    @rpm, when are you guys emailing out the the promotional code for this to MYBB members?
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    Iphone 6 Front Camera Crescent

    So can it be taken to an iStore even if its obtained from a cellular service provider?
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    Iphone 6 Front Camera Crescent

    So did you swop it out?
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    Iphone 6 Front Camera Crescent

    So I've noticed the crescent shape on my front camera and I see this is a common defect. Anyone know if I should take it to Vodacom or Apple to sort out? Also does this only occur on the space grey models?
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    [How To] Get iOS7 Right Now (No UDID Slot Required)

    Also enjoying iOS major issues so far with all the apps I use. Few graphical glitches here and there but nothing major. FNB problem seems to be related to the linking of the device.
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    iPad 2 Case and Screen Protector price?

    Does anyone know where I can get a decent iPad Case and Screen Protector around JHB? And what price can I get them for? Any idea who is stocking the Smart Cover? Price? Is it worth it and would it be fine on its own? Would appreciate the info...thanks!