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    Fortnite: Pls help me with ideas for a virtual party for my son

    Hi All I'm an old gamer, but don't know much about Fortnite. My 10 year old son loves it and plays regularly with a few friends. He has his birthday coming up over the 21 day lockdown. And I was thinking of organising a 'virtual' birthday party where he can invite many other friends to join...
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    Coding: Self teach or Bootcamp?

    Hi. I am working on a tech startup with some ex-colleagues (after having spent a large part of my career in corporate) We are all commercially minded and do not have a ‘technical’ co-founder (that can code); and so are looking for a technical co-founder. In the mean time (while we search for...
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    Synch outlook calendar on desktop with iPhone calendar

    Hi. (Can’t seem to get advice from my ISP, WebAfrica) I use webafrica as ISP and have a webafrica email address, which I successfully setup on Outlook (my desktop pc) and then also set it up on my iPhone. I used the iphones native email app, under settings-> mail,contacts,calendar->add...
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    Which trading platform offers the best Analyst Reports?

    Hi. Anyone knows which trading platform offers the best analyst reports/research? I have always only used Standard Bank online trading (their analyst reports are not great, too short and not much analysis) and I also use Absa share trading platform (they don't offer any analyst reports)...
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    How do I synch my work related files to iPad (not photos, vids and stuff)?

    How do I synch my work related files (word, powerpoint, excel, pdf, etc) to iPad? Or is it even possible? Its easy to sync photos, etc - but how do I sync say select folders in "My Documents"????
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    iPad 2 vs the rest

    Not sure where to post this (there may be too many iPad fanboys in this section :D ) I am strongly considering getting the iPad 2, but some people have been lambasting it for its lack of flash support and no expansion options like a SD card. Also that its primarily a toy and not a work...