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    Ellies inverter

    I don't think they that bad. I have the older 2000VA unit which got given a dead short on the output and all it needed was a "hidden" fuse at the back replaced. My Mecer 2400VA on the other hand was toast and half the trannies blown inside when the same thing happened. So much for "Short...
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    Which stores or products do you miss the most?

    Red wine and smokes
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    The utter absurdity of what you can and cannot buy in shops

    Well there is none for sale around here - where did you get the above info from? link?
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    Mecer 2400VA Inverter (Community Support)

    From what i've read it's always good practise to have a breaker/fuse between battery banks. If one battery goes wrong, develops an internal short or something, horrible things can happen. Especially true of banks in parallel.
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    Ellies inverter issue with TV and monitors

    I have the Ellies 2400VA /1440w and my TV also goes off (into standby) when the power cuts and i have to switch it back on again, but its fine and works perfectly after that. I just assumed the inverter was too slow in kicking in for the TV. My HTPC, amp and everything else doesn't seem to...
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    Mecer 2400VA Inverter (Community Support)

    I would have put the fuse/breaker between the 2 batteries (3rd pic 3.jpg) as opposed to between the inverter and battery bank. It's 24v so if something goes wrong and there is a massive current draw if it breaks between the 2 batteries it essentially cuts the supply completely.
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    Mecer 2400VA Inverter (Community Support)

    I think you'll get much more than 3.5hrs Bertoos - maybe double that!
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    Mecer 2400VA Inverter (Community Support)

    Eish those guys aren't shy to charge! I got from these guys - 63amp DC circuit breaker R80 bucks.
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    Which smartphone do you currently use?

    Blackberry KEY2 Quality, Security, Battery life, Keyboard
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    Which TV series are you currently watching?

    Walking Dead
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    Court rules hidings for kids officially illegal

    Small kids have no understanding. My son, he was 4 maybe 5, was able to unclip the car seat he was strapped to in the back and I stopped at the side of the road twice to clip him back in and “If you do that again you getting a hiding”. 5 mins later “click” so I stopped again, took him out...
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    License plate legal question 4 bike racks

    And no, he claims to get the back number plate off it's stuck so vas he'll pull his whole bumper off.
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    License plate legal question 4 bike racks

    I'm lending to a friend one of those platform type bike racks that clip on the tow ball with the lights, indicators etc at the back including the number plate that is linked to my car. So their car plates and the plate at the back will have different numbers. Do they need to go buy a license...
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    Public Protector finds Gordhan guilty of 'improper conduct'

    The timing is just to impeccable. This POS PP has been ordered by someone to make this arguably derisory finding, and release it now. There’s a good few crooks that don’t want him there.
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    Mecer 2400VA Inverter (Community Support)

    I also found out these units hate a normal generator attached while in online mode. Mine's not a inverter type but not a rubbish one either (Yamaha EF2600). In online mode it switches back to batteries every 2 minutes and back again. Strange cause the Mecer has a wide input voltage range and my...
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    Mecer 2400VA Inverter (Community Support)

    Could have something to do with it. Not sure. Just guessing here. I know mine stays on all the time.