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    SA online store accused of scamming its customers

    It reminds me of Facebook ads for the miracle glass repairing liquid or the robot vacuum cleaner for only R499, and then people wonder why they never get their product. Based on my assumption, one well placed Ad can earn you a cool $$$$$ in the bank before Facebook realizes what is going on...
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    Strange problem with downloads using fibre.

    D-link DIR 825 - from my testing this router was super temperamental, everything through 5Ghz would freeze, the router would randomly restart if you had more than 5 device connected via Wifi. It would even drop connection every 2 to 3 hours without warning. Firmware upgrade did not help much either.
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    South African cities want to charge networks for installing fibre - Here is why

    Well I wonder why Charlie, what could be the reason for that :unsure::whistling:
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    Speeding fine question while I await my fate

    Did this not change with the introduction of Aarto, all my latest fines are different how they would normally appear through the FNB portal, and on the Aarto website itself. You no longer get a discount and have to pay the full amount of late. Might be mistaken.
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    South Africa names first projects in R2.3 trillion infrastructure drive

    Anybody else going crazy, I was expecting a list detailing the projects ?
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    Rifle safe removal

    A quick search of the internet will undoubtedly bring up some reputable people who might be able to help you. I have seen their work, they definitely will be able to open it.
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    Can a tracking device cause electrical problems in a car?

    I do agree on the fact that some of the dealer techs are useless and they tend to jump the gun when doing diagnostics and blame the tracking device off the bat, but the tracking devices also cause headaches at times. I have had two cases with tracker in dealership space, specifically on Audi...
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    Gas issue.

    All systems go . . .
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    Powerline adapters and quality of electricity supply

    @TheRoDent yip also using the Axpert inverter with ICC software, the inverter does very well at keeping everything stable. Funny enough after installing the inverter the powerline adapters would see each other immediately when pairing, have not had problems since to be honest.
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    Powerline adapters and quality of electricity supply

    Since moving to Centurion I have noticed that the grid is all over the place, Frequency and Voltage dance like this the whole day.
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    Photos from outer space – What South African cities look like at night

    @supersunbird Pretty much spot on :thumbsup:
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    Photos from outer space – What South African cities look like at night

    Yip Hammanskraal is on top, Ga-Rankuwa is top left, dark bit is agricultural holdings.
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    Have you ever had a car stolen?

    Mazada 323 about 10 years back. Parked at Makro to do some shopping, was probably in the shops for 10 minutes at most. Come out and find the Mazda blocking the main exit out, security around the car, nice little crowd had gathered. Battery cut-out kicked in at just about the right time to...
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    FNB clients being signed up for fraudulent Apple Subscriptions

    No you will still be charged for any transactions that will appear on the card, the card number remains "live" on the VISA network, cancelling with FNB does not cancel the card with VISA.
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    FNB clients being signed up for fraudulent Apple Subscriptions

    Phone VISA directly - tell them to cancel your card because it was stolen. Then phone FNB back and say your card is lost - depending on your plan, free card, free delivery, less hassle then trying to deal with FNB themselves sometimes.
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    Are Amazon and other intl sites still delivering to SA during lockdown?

    Ordered some stuff for my automatic vacuum via, the items took less than a week to arrive here in South Africa and through customs. Think shipping was like $2 and then another R50 for import fees, but overall very quick to come through the system.