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    Sous Vide immersion circulator

    So would you use the same water for say 2 or 3 days? or possibly 4-5days? Obviously if a bag is leaking or any funny business water needs to be replaced. (i do have those vacuum sealer and bags. normally they pretty thick and solid, Don't tend to leak)
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    Sous Vide immersion circulator

    I bought a Sous vide circulator about a year ago, used it twice. I think i must start using it more now. We had this water shortage in CPT... so i didn't want to fill a 11liter container just to make my food. (i mean every liter is valuable). I also don't know how many times you can re-use the...
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    International COVID-19 Updates & Discussion 2

    Also remember people all over the world been stocked up on vitamins and dosing with vitamin d3, zink and vitamin C, various other boosters like resveratrol(helps zink enter cells) etc. So the 2nd wave will have less success. It doesnt mean its less virulant or less dangerous. Those with...
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    Generator or Inverter for residential use?

    Learning things from the root upward and figuring it out yourself sometimes (like i had to figure out my 486 and the good old dos commands. Reinstalling the OS with floppy's and stiffy's and using dos command and Norton commander. Most younger folk these days are spoiled with Graphical...
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    Generator or Inverter for residential use?

    yeah, i used to dabble with overclocking back in the day. 286 and 386 days is giving your age away slightly... i also started off with those. My first PC was a 486 with 25mhz with 8MB memory (back then most computers has came out with 1024mb memory, 2048mb and 4096mb if you had a nice gaming pc)
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    Generator or Inverter for residential use?

    Yeah. I'm not on the Solar level yet.. I've gots a Synapse 1000 with 2x 102AH Gel batterys connected. So my load with 55inch TV, My topbox for streaming Netflix,Plex and IPTV and a 10Watt LED floodlight (which is ontop of my tv facing upwards towards ceiling) is around 200watts. My setup...
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    Generator or Inverter for residential use?

    So loadshedding seems to have quiet'ed down a bit , for the moment at least. This being south africa... it will not be long until we bound for another streak of sheddings. Better to keep safe, get your backup lights ready. Get your backup power sorted.
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    Will you install the COVID Alert SA app?

    Think it's best to install it. Enable. I think about it this way, you might have been in a mall or workplace or possibly in contact with co-worker family member. The app enabled it, that incase anyone..from anywhere... If they should pick up the virus or get infected and tested positive...
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    LTE router compatible with Rain

    I sold my B618 earlier this year 22d version for R1000. Will drop you a msg if i hear of anyone selling theirs
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    Where to buy ps4 Pro online

    Rather buy PS5
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    Expert who devoted his life to protecting isolated Amazon tribes killed by tribesman’s arrow

    Some of those Tribes... some are still Cannibals. They know nothing of peace or peace-talks. They don't understand the term "goodwill" or about a person trying to help them. There is no politics or discussions around a table. No Diplomacy. Law of nature is all they know. They see an outsider...
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    Price hike on cigarettes

    Yeah, i also know of 3-4 people that now permanently moved over to vaping just before Lockdown (luckily). As they were also complaining of the prices of ciggies etc. vs Nicotine doens't cost much (R150 to R200 can buy you a 60ml Ejuice which lasts one full month. Even if you buy 2 different...
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    WATCH | Shopper pulls gun on EFF members during standoff in PE shopping centre

    Regardless of who is protesting anything. It doesn't give anyone the right to shove or touch anyone physically. Old people are frail, but regardless of that. You cannot pull or shove or hit anyone. That in itself is not allowed. If you were in the mall and someone attacked or shoved you...
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    Price hike on cigarettes

    Why? Government inference got no foot in cigarettes. Otherwise they would have allowed it during lockdown. infact prices being closer to "illegal market" makes things better for that trade (cause the price difference is less then) Company's can also push prices to whatever they like. If their...
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    Price hike on cigarettes

    They want that Covid Lockdown prices for normal ciggies you see. R2500 per carton... Give it a few months. You'll see. Vaping is the Future... and the future is now. I know many people that were vaping very merrily no issues during lockdown. Same as they did before. You know why? Nothing...
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    Power cuts will soon be a thing of the past, says David Mabuza

    Maybe he going to chat with the Bigman upstairs. So that South Africa has sun for 24hours in a day. To beat Loadshedding? I wouldn't hold my breath on what he said, rather sort yourself out. Buy Rechargable LED goodies like these Magneto's or similar. If you can get backup power for your PC...
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    South African Covid-19 News and Discussions 2

    Think they need like an Covid Exit Plan. Where they can go down to level1... but things like masks, social distance and work from home must stay the norm. Keeping the 50ppl limit for groups etc and work areas. I know it's still a not 100% back to normal, but just to keep safe. <we...
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    South African Covid-19 News and Discussions 2

    Spain and few other places seen 2nd wave. Trust me gents and ladies. We don't want to lift things just yet... 2nd wave is a thing... The moment you say no more lockdown... the rules on masks and social distance is also not valid. Currently the masks and social distancing and people working...