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    Fiber ISP's in Edenvale "The Avenues"

    Hi guys so I've had a contract with Fredd from February 2019, and to date have received no calls or any form of contact for installation, fair enough I have not been debited as yet, though this sort of service is appalling. Does anybody know of decent ISP's for fiber in the edenvale area the top...
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    Website costings

    Hi all, I was recently looking at providing an end to end solution for people wanting to create a website or e-commerce site, and not exactly sure what to charge them at, this is pure web development and no hosting involved, maybe a few scenarios of maintenance. any idea on how and how much the...
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    Get information on vacant land owner

    Hi there everyone, I have been looking for property or rather vacant land recently, and I am unable to find any that allows me to build as I would like and not follow estate or complex building regulations (I would like to build off-grid). I have since found a vacant plot with an old...
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    DIY 3D Printers using Raspberry Pi

    Hi guys, Has anyone here built a 3D printer using a Raspberry Pi, if so what is the part list and where did you get said parts from? Also is it cheaper to DIY one or buy one? Reason for asking is I'm in the process of getting a Raspberry Pi and it would be a nice project. TIA