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    Donations tax... it's ridiculous

    The Income Tax Act is absurdly complex. It is replete with contradictions and exceptions. Don't try to game the system. Tens of thousands have come before you with similar ideas. If you are caught, you could be saddled with 200% understatement penalties. The tax you are trying to avoid now is...
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    Traffic fine - non-admission of guilt - no summons? Any lawyers around? (Summonses & written notices issued under the Criminal Procedure Act) The second link seems to suggest that a summons can be served at an e-Natis address.
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    Traffic fine - non-admission of guilt - no summons? Any lawyers around?

    That SMS makes no sense. You need to ask them for a copy of the original fine because it might incorporate a notice to appear (aka summons) into the fine. If this is the case, then your options are to (1) appear in court on that date or (2) sign the admission of guilt and pay the fine. If the...
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    Do good restaurants marinade steak before flame-grilling or pan-searing?

    Lots of butter, garlic, thyme and rosemary at the end.
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    Google Meet is now free - Here's how it works

    A pity about the name...
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    Cool Ideas Fibre ISP – Feedback Thread 3

    Same. SADV/Fourways.
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    Free Fibre Speed Upgrades - Did you get yours

    Working on Cool Ideas/SADV/Fourways :)
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    Huge confusion over South Africa's midnight lockdown

    This did not require an article...
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    A song of the 90's that really brings back AWESOME memories for me..What's yours?

    Goo Goo Dolls - Iris [Official Music Video]
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    May a dedicated personal account be used for a business?

    If you have a personal account from a bank that is in your own name, but is being used strictly for the business transactions of a company, this is okay. But (aside from the eventual bookkeeping issues) it requires a lot more personal discipline especially if your “non-business” personal bank...
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    May a dedicated personal account be used for a business?

    In the long run, it is easier to have separate accounts and separate entities. If you accidentally claim a personal expense as a business expense, SARS will give you significant hassle. If SARS audits you a few years from now, you will regret mixing business and personal income/expenses. If...
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    complex cant use existing ducts
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    Which games, 10GB or less are worth playing?

    Outer Wilds.
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    "Vape Lung" poses a danger to South Africans

    Just because you do something regularly does mean you are addicted to it. I, for example, shower daily. Is this an addiction?
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    R388m tax bill for Cape ‘gangster’

    SARS doesn't care. It is sending a message that even feared gangsters are within SARS' reach. If you are Joe average don't even bother trying to evade your taxes.
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    R388m tax bill for Cape ‘gangster’

    Proceeds of crime I suspect. Link.
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    Please don't take away my choice

    Your Datsun-Ferrari analogy is flawed. It implies that there is a range of options available. The fact of the matter is that most South Africans cannot even afford a Datsun. Most South Africans can barely afford a car at all. Mobile operators are all competing for the same small sliver of...