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    Are SEF URLs really worth it?

    I enabled search engine friendly URLs on all my PunBB sites recently and have spent the time since fiddling with extensions and adding "/"es and updating URLs. This was all a rather a lot of effort and I still haven't finished yet. I just did a Google search and noticed that all the old URL's...
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    Local FTP server

    I just set up an FTP server on my laptop using FileZilla. It's connected using local only ADSL and I would like to do some file sharing. If anyone would like to browse or upload something cool, please first check if I am online here:
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    Who offers free local web hosting?

    Are there any local web hosts willing to offer free linux hosting with PHP and MYSQL? I have a couple of sites that I would like to host locally, but the prices are still too high for me. I am willing to place a small button or banner on every page on each of my sites in exchange for free local...
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    Open Source Network

    I have heard a lot of complaints about internet in this country and about telecommunication in general. I must admit that I also find the situation extremely distressing, but surely the problem shouldn't be that hard to fix? Perhaps I am oversimplifying, but is it really that difficult for one...