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    iPhone 4 - Jailbreak and Unlock?

    Hello there, The MYBB oldies will remember me from the JB/iPhone scene from a while ago. But I haven't been able to keep up with all the news/tools lately. I have an iPhone 4 on 4.2.1 that I want to restore and upgrade to iOS5. It is factory locked so I need to preserve the baseband so I can...
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    Second Hand Photography Gear?

    I am purchasing my first SLR soon and was wondering if I should buy all new, or just get the body new and get some second hand lenses, bags, SD Cards etc.? What do you guys think about this? And what is the usual mark-down on second hand photography goods? And is there anywhere special to look...
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    Calling all Maties/Stellenbosch Students

    Chances are, I am going to be studying Computer Science at Stellenbosch next year. So, I have a few questions for any past/present students there. I applied to late for res, so I will need alternative accommodation. A few good friends are also going so we have been talking about getting a...
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    AMD Phenom 2 x6 - PC Won't boot

    Hi there, Today I got my AMD Phenom II X6 1055T CPU. My motherboard is an Asus M2N68-VM (AM2/AM2+/AM3). So I take out my old CPU, put in the new one etc. I then try turn on my PC. The LED's and fans come on but no display comes out. So I put in my old CPU again and it boots perfectly. So I...
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    AMD Phenom2 x6 - Over clocking and Questions

    Hi guys, I am in serious need of a new CPU seeing as my AMD X2 6000+ just can't keep up with my computing demands. I use Video Editing software as well as stream full HD movies all around the house and my CPU just can't do it for me. I am thinking of going with a AMD Phenom2 x6 1055T. The...
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    Need someone to: Design, Host and Maintain an online store

    Hi guys, I am posting this on behalf of my mom. She owns a clothing business which designs and sells clothes(knitwear) to all the big chains ( Wooloworths, Truworths, Queenspark, Foschinis etc.). She has decided to start selling knitwear online as well as she can see a gap in the market...
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    Re-formatting tonight

    Hi, I have decided to reformat tonight. I just got a new HDD so I am changing my OS HDD so a format is in order. I am on Win 7 X64 and installing Win7 X64. I am taking all my other drives out my PC so I dont re-format the wrong drive (like last time :sick:). Just wondering if you guys have...
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    Samsung T260 worth getting?

    Hi guys, I have been offered one at a really good price (R2 400) and I am thinking of getting it. But I have read about scaling issues with the monitor. What do you guys think? Anything better for the price? Thanks
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    Top DOODLE JUMP Socre

    I thought I would start this thread just to share top scores as well as any tips you have. My top is only 27 000 :( . I have a friend who has a top of 80 000 :O If you dont have this game, GO GET IT!!
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    facial MATCHING software?

    Hi guys, I want some software that will tell me if 2 faces match. Like from pics on your PC. Google just takes me to source code. I dont want facial RECOGNITION software. Just matching. Thanks
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    Xbox Mod & Paint - How much would you pay?

    YOU DONT HAVE TO SAY THE MOST YOU WOULD PAY BUT SAY WHAT WOULD BE REASONABLE and NOT just the cheapest! Hi guys, I am gonna mod my xbox soon. With a window, mutli-color paint job, window, LED Fans and my controllers. If all goes to plan and it turns out how I am expecting I will do it...
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    The most expensive phone available on upgrade?

    I am due for an upgrade on the 27th of Jan, with Vodacom, and seeing how I have the G-d phone (iPhone 3GS) I am gonna upgrade just to sell. I want to get a phone that is not TOO expensive that I have to pay in but I want the best for value so I can sell. What should I get and is anybody...
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    How to topup Vodacom 3G with an extra GB?

    Sorry if this is asked before, search could help. How do you topup online your Vodacom 3G? I have a 1GB 3G account. Thanks
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    Where to download iPhones IPA's?

    Hi guys, so now that Appulous is barely usable, are there any other site like it to download from? I know I can use Torrents and NZB's but they dont have the selection. Thanks
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    How to order Digichilli??

    Hi, I am trying to order a Digichilli account but is is like they dont want me to :erm: I try sign-up online and they never send me an email confirmation. No response to email or Daves PM. I try call and it starts playing music then it goes dead. Whats up? I want to sign up but I am...
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    Apple Now Selling 350 Apps Per Second

    This is incredible With a minimum price of $1, Apple must be making some moolah! Source
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    DO NOT install PKGBackup

    In the last 2 days I have restored my iphone 3 times due to different errors. Including: 'not being able to sync. hdd not found' , 'Wifi broken' among others. After my third restore I realize that PKGBackup is the prob. So dont install it
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    THE BEST MP3/Music cleaner?

    *EDIT* MediaMonkey gets the job done easily and efficiently *EDIT* Hi guys, I have been collecting my music for about 5 years now and my collection is a bit messy. I have some doubles, some songs where there is wrong info. And some songs with bad 'tags' and I want a clean collection. I would...
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    Whats up with Digichilli?

    Hi guys, First off: This is not about their network issues! So I currently have Axxess Express + Uncapped 384 and I am curious to see if it is worth swapping to Digichilli. Uncapped for R300 is much more appealing than R1k but is it worth saving that money? I won a mild account via the...
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    My PC is always 'freezing'! WHY?

    Hi there, so I was having this problem when ever I played a game(and only in games) on my PC it would 'stutter' every 5-10M and it would last 30-90s. So I reseated my CPU and GPU and cleaned out all my PC/PU fans. Low and behold it was fixed and I could play hours on end without hassle :)...