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    Best for Dedicated Server

    You can check these widely-trusted international server vendors like Linode and DigitalOcean, however, as they are not managed hostings, you may not want to start with them unless you have certain experience on a server management, and you can choose a control panel like WHM, ServerPilot and...
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    Any Basketball-Related Online Video Games?

    Hello gamers, as the title says, please recommend some awesome basketball games for PC. Thanks
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    VPS required, local or international

    Check these DIY hostings if you know well about command lines and server management, for example, DO/Host1Plus server + WHM/VPSrobots Panel, the best things about them are the dedicated server resources for your sites and much more economical prices when compared to any managed hostings.
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    Sites for Completely Free and Legal Software!

    No problem. Also, when using such kind of tools, make sure you also have the latest backups for the whole system, since they are more tools than wise humans, we should rather ultilize them than completely depend on them.
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    Wordpress for my dad

    Have you ever checked Linode and Vultr? You will get 1 GB RAM, 20-25GB storage, and 1TB bandwidth from a start plan from them that costs $5/mon, which are more than sufficient for the installtion of a wordpress site for your papa. I would also recommend you to manage the server with VPSrobots...
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    Sites for Completely Free and Legal Software!

    I will give my vote for SnailDriver. A rare clean free updater without any adwares and malwares. Most of all, before finding and downloading the driver components, it backs up all drivers on your computer just to be on the safe side.