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    Samsung Mobile Warranty Question

    Hi guys, Is there anywhere on the website, where one can check if a warranty on the device is still available? Reason for asking, if one is purchasing a second hand flagship, will they honour the warranty to change a battery or replace a back glass if the device is still under warranty or...
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    Huawei Warranty / Questions

    Hi Huawei community, Apologies if these questions have been asked before. I'm looking at a second hand P30 & had these queries: - Does a warranty transfer if second hand device is purchased? What is this devices window period, 24 months? - Is there anyway to test the device as in a self...
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    Samsung S9 Battery

    Hi guys, What's the average standby time with the latest Android 10 installed? On average how much would it be to replace a Samsung s9 battery? Thanks & keep safe.
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    Online Safety / Security Q

    Hi everyone, So I've done alot of reading but its always good to get opinions of people who have first hand knowledge & experience on the matter of general & cyber security. I am aware of the paid & free benefits but as a start off what would one recommend? So here is 3 questions - What free...
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    Advice Xperia Z3 or Huawei p9 lite

    Hey guys, Happy holidays, hope yourll having a lovely time. I just have a quick question, which would be a better option between a Sony Xperia Z3 (ex- flagship) or Huawei p9 lite going into 2019 on a short term basis? I seen the comparison on Gsmarena but not familiar on overall...