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    Vox pure dsl

    I applied for my DSL service more than a month ago and haven't heard anything from Vox. When I went to look at the website my order has just disappeared! I made another order and will wait to see what happens. Actually I think I'm just going to go with Afrihost rather.
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    Amazon caves to Apple, drops Kindle's in-app button

    Just more proof that Apple is evil! :sick:
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    Would you use a case that almost turns your ipad into a laptop?

    I wouldn't use an iPad in the first place.
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    Ipad Questions.

    No flash support, no usb ports, no multi-tasking etc. Those seem like pretty serious limitations to me! :p
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    Battery Life

    Sure. Get rid of the Applecrap and buy a different phone :D
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    Make me understand the iPhone phenomena

    Just as long as you don't hold it in your left hand :p
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    iPhone 4 - is it really worth it?

    Also keep in mind you have to hold it in a certain way to get reception. :P