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  1. Mongeasy

    Rain vs Vodacom – 5G price showdown

    It's the Huawei 5G CPE X Outdoor router. I'm on the standard plan paying R699 p/m for 30Mbps up/down. However, the router is capable of reaching 200Mbps download and 60Mbps upload speeds .
  2. Mongeasy

    Rain vs Vodacom – 5G price showdown

    Very consistent provided you're using an Ethernet connection of course, a WiFi connection at worst gets you about 11-12 Mbps nothing less than 10Mbps.
  3. Mongeasy

    Rain/RAM Couriers Bad Service Delivery

    I recently signed up for the 5G plan (Standard) and it has been very good! They have delivered on their word.
  4. Mongeasy

    Rain's 5G plans for CT and Durban

    Valid point. I think Rain might have bitten more than they could chew in that they have tried to disrupt both 5G and have a piece of the 4G market as well. They seem to be under severe demand for both services and ultimately preference is given to the 5G customers given it's immediate and future...
  5. Mongeasy

    Telkom mobile network and website downtime

    Isn't this related to the undersea cables that broke, twice in last couple days? I am hearing complaints from users of other network providers as well.
  6. Mongeasy

    Router Not Performing NAT - Telkom Fixed LTE

    Hi guys, just wanted to find out, how common is it that my ISP (Telkom Fixed LTE package with Afrihost) has not configured my sim/router to perform NAT? Every device in my home network uses a different public IP address to reach the internet, and as such, each device has a different bandwidth...
  7. Mongeasy

    Calling all journalists – Switch to a career in tech

    I have actually applied, more times than I can recall. But since I don't have a degree, they probably just can my application each time - I have a blog to backup my ability and a fair share of IT certifications. Ironic that a tech news website still considers a degree as the be-all, end-all.
  8. Mongeasy

    Calling all journalists – Switch to a career in tech

    This is a pure lie. Most of your news are snippets from other news, never breaking new news.
  9. Mongeasy

    IT Support Consultant - JHB

    You're right. However, the unemployment rate has given employers the power to take job-seekers for a ride.
  10. Mongeasy

    Looking for a Free Home Network Monitoring Software

    I am looking to have administrative control over my home network. Is there a free software that you could recommend? I'd like to monitor, control, allocate bandwidth usage per device. I am using a basic Huawei B315 router for my home network.
  11. Mongeasy

    RAIN bandwidth usage

    That's not that exciting, now is it?
  12. Mongeasy

    List of small to medium IT companies in SA?

    I would like to know if there's a website that has a comprehensive list of small to medium IT companies in South Africa?
  13. Mongeasy

    How to become a white hat hacker in South Africa

    Hi guys if you are interested in becoming a Certified Ethical Hacker check out our courses on offered in partnership with EC Counicil. Cheers.
  14. Mongeasy

    After Hours Support Agents required for an Internet Service Provider.

    I have some previous technical support experience CCNA R&S and Fortinet NSE 3 and have applied for this post, I'm yet to receive any feedback.